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15 Classic TV Shows That Deserve a Netflix Reboot

"The Twilight Zone"

"The Twilight Zone" is a cult classic! Even those who have never watched the show know the premise: ordinary people finding themselves in extraordinary situations. With better graphics and CGI, we would love to see what wild prediciments the characters could find themselves in in this day and age!

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"Gilligan's Island"

"Gilligan’s Island" was beloved because it demonstrated how the most random group of people came together to survive after being stranded on an island. We would love to see a modern adaptation of this classic, where people have to learn to survive without the use of their smartphones and FitBits.

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"That Girl"

"That Girl" was one of the first shows to depict a career-driven girl struggling to make it as an actress in New York City. In today’s time, we would love to see the same theme, but reimagined as a girl trying to make it as a developer in Silicon Valley or as a business owner.

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"Freaks and Geeks"

"Freaks and Geeks" was about high school students, but it was not your quintessential “high school show.” It was witty, quirky, and completely relatable. We're dying to see a reboot with new characters for generation Z to watch and develop another cult-like following.

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"The Outer Limits"

This show was a series of science fiction stories, meant to both educate and inspire. It had a different cast each episode, and seeing the success of this style with "Black Mirror," we would be highly interested to live new science fiction stories with a fresh cast each week. Our new technologies could bring this show to whole new level! 

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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" had a happy ending, but there were still quite a few loose ends that didn’t manage to get tied up over the course of 144 episodes. We would love to see Buffy and the gang’s future plans come to fruition and watch them slay some new monsters!

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"Will and Grace"

What we all loved about "Will & Grace" was that it was accurate about most friendships where the people are kind of selfish and imperfect but still care deeply about one another. This reboot, with the characters being older and wiser, would have to feature the same cast.

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"Wonder Woman"

"Wonder Woman" has kind of always been the overlooked superhero. They attempted to reboot this series, but it never worked because they took it too seriously. With the recent success of Deadpool, why don’t we redo "Wonder Woman" as a chaotic good heroine instead?

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"M*A*S*H" told the story of a group of soldiers, dissenters, and patriots set in the middle of the Korean War. This show’s satirical take on some of the worst atrocities of war might be exactly what we need right now.

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"Roseanne" was special in the way that it depicted working, middle class families with dignity and respect. The characters were not conventionally likeable, but their chemistry and heart made them universally adored. We would love to see another take on today’s middle class family that could bring us all together once again.

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"One Tree Hill"

"One Tree Hill" was the classic high school drama of its time. Even though it was sometimes over-the-top, it focused on the bonds between friends. You could even reboot this show with the original cast members all grown up and experiencing those same relationships as adults.

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"The West Wing"

With the current political climate, we think everyone would love to see a reboot of "The West Wing." This drama was smart and unapologetic when it came to American politics, which is something we could all use right now.

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"Thirtysomething" garnered a lot of hate while it was on air. People thought it was whiny and self-indulgent. Yet, the theme of young adults navigating careers and parenthood would ring true with a whole new generation of millennials who are approaching those life events and would appreciate a show about it.

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"The A-Team"

The original "A-Team" TV show was all about justice, honor, and the American way. The recent movie couldn’t even compare to the classic television show, so we feel that a television reboot is necessary to redeem the series and breathe new life into this action-packed adventure.

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"Golden Girls"

Sadly, it would be impossible to do a reboot with the original actresses, as all but one have passed away. Yet, this show that perfectly captured the inexplicable, inseparable bond between four older women who lived together in Florida deserves another look. Their origin stories, perhaps?

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