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15 George Costanza Quotes That Make You Feel Better About Your Life

George is worse at ending relationships than you.

The whole episodes made breaking up with George Costanza is a sad version of Where's Waldo?

George is more alone than you.

If you feel like you'll never meet that special someone, remember: There's someone out there for everyone except George Costanza.

George has less motivation than you.

We've heard of power naps, but this sounds more like a powerless nap...

George has less fashion sense than you.

George Costanza draped in velvet is a sight that cannot be unseen.

George is more desperate than you.

You could spend 12 hours a day browsing online dating profiles and you still wouldn't be as desperate as George Costanza.

George has more family issues than you.

Is there a family counselor in the house?

George is worse at reading people than you.

A world filled with happy women sounds like a nightmare. That is, if you're George Costanza.

George is worse at winning than you.

Quitting = a family tradition!

George is worse at making decisions than you.

When faced with a tough decision, always ask "WWGD?" Then do the opposite.

George has less self-confidence than you.

Someone please give this man a compliment! Please! Any compliment at all.

George is less authentic than you.

This begs the question: Is his name actually George Costanza?

George is less approachable than you.

We're going to have to try this tactic at work.

George has worse parents than you.

Maybe this is why he wouldn't buy anything from his mom and pop's mom-and-pop shop.

George is more pathetic than you.

Openly admitting you're pathetic is a whole 'nother level...

George has more trouble with everyday life than you.

George, you're overthinking this one a bit.