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15 Hauntingly Beautiful Mausoleums Around The World

15. Westminster Abbey

Westminster, England

The Abbey wasn't built as a mausoleum, but during his reign, Henry III had the abbey rebuilt to house the relics of St. Edward the Confessor. Throughout the following years, monarchs, royals, and notable national figures, including Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton, were buried in Westminster Abbey.

(image via Better Than Bacon, CC)

14. Taj Mahal

Agra, India

The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous mausoleums in the world and one of the greatest examples of Mughal architecture. It was commissioned by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1632 in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died while giving birth to their 14th child. Today, it is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

(image via John Haslam, CC)

13. Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba

Monastir, Tunisia

Habib Bourguiba was the first president of the Republic of Tunisia.  His mausoleum is located in Monastir, a coastal city in Tunisia.

(image via Dennis Jarvis, CC)

12. Terracotta Army

Xi'an, China

The Terracotta Army is more funerary art than mausoleum. Historians estimate that the sculptures date back to 210 BCE. The army of more than 8,000 terracotta soldiers was buried with the first Emperor of China to protect him in the afterlife. 

(image via Guy Sie, CC)

11. Lenin's Mausoleum

Moscow, Russia

Vladimir Lenin's embalmed body has been on public display since shortly after his death in 1924. So many people came to mourn that he was moved to a larger tomb soon after and by 1929, the mausoleum was built. Today, Lenin's Mausoleum is still a popular tourist attraction.

(image via Leland Jackson, CC)

10. Shah-i-Zinda

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The complex, made up of many buildings and mausoleums, was built over the course of nine centuries. Shah-i-Zinda means "The Living King." It was named after the cousin of Muhammed who, according to legend, was buried there.

(image via Fulvio Spada, CC)

9. Castel sant'Angelo

Rome, Italy

This is only one of the many beautiful details of Castel sant'Angelo, also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian. It was built around 139 AD and originally housed many Roman emperors.

(image via Heribert Pohl, CC)

8. Tomb of Jahangir

Lahore, Pakistan

Jahangir was the ruler of the Mogul Empire from 1605 until his death in 1627. Like many grand structures, it's suffered abuse and looting through the years but was partially restored by the British government in the late 1800's.

(image via Guilhem Vellut, CC)

7. Darnley Mausoleum

Cobham, England

The Darnley Mausoleum was never used. It was originally built for the 3rd Earl of Darnley, John Bligh, and his family in 1783.

(image via Brian Fuller, CC)

6. Guri Amir Mausoleum

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Guri Amir is important in the history of Turkic-Persian architecture and influenced the design of other mausoleums, like the Taj Mahal. It was originally built by the conqueror Tamerlane (also known as Timur) for his grandson and houses the tombs of Timur, his sons, and his grandsons.

(image via Fabio Achilli, CC)

5. Hollywood Forever

Los Angeles, California

This mausoleum is only one small part of the cemetery known for housing some of entertainment's best.  Founded in 1899, it's also one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles.

(image via Ryan Vaarsi, CC)

4. Mausoleum of Costanza

Rome, Italy

The Mausoleum of Costanza was built in the 4th century for Constanza, also known as Constantina, the daughter of Constantine the Great.

(image via Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, CC)

3. Kilmorey Mausoleum

London, England

Although it's smaller than many mausoleums on this list, it has a lively past! It was built by Francis Needham, 2nd Earl of Kilmorey, for his mistress, Priscilla Hoste. When she died at the young age of 31 (the Earl was 67 years old), Needham commissioned this structure as a monument. After she was interred, the Earl moved twice, each time having the monument dismantled and brought along. During the years between her death and his, the story goes that he would dress in all white, then go lie in his coffin to be near her. When he died in 1880, at the age of 92, he was buried next to Priscilla.

(image via Maxwell Hamilton, CC)

2. Chadwick Mausoleum

Boston, Massachusetts

Small, but elaborate, this mausoleum was designed for Joseph Chadwick, a prominent businessman, by William Gibbons Preston.

(image via Liz West, CC)

1. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey

Also known as the Tomb of Mausolus, this tomb is the original "mausoleum." Although it was destroyed and now lies in ruin, at one time it was so grand and ornate that it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

(image via Harvey Barrison, CC)