15 Highest-Paid Football Players of All Time

Professional football players have always been paid pretty dang well considering how hard they play each and every game. Though the regular season in the NFL is only 16 games long, these players continue to take a beating and risk serious injury weekly during the fall. We know that football players are always at a constant risk, but many of these stars do not mind considering they make a lot of money playing a game they love.

Even though all positions generally bring in a good salary, some are paid more than others, and that's completely understandable. The highest paid player for most teams is their quarterback, who is in charge of facilitating the offense and scoring points for his team. Other particularly well-paid positions are wide receivers, running backs, and linebackers. With that being said, there are players at other positions who have made a tremendous amount of money over the course of their respective careers.

These players work hard all year to be in the best shape and perform at the highest level during the season. They sacrifice a lot by traveling and dedicating so much time to the game of football. Many players have to spend a lot of time apart from their families, which can grow harder and harder.

We've made a list of the top fifteen all-time salary earners throughout their careers. As an added bonus, we've included a few vital statistics to help determine if these players were worth all the money they have received.

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