15 Hilarious Family Photos

Family photos are really something, aren’t they? You’ve got to get everybody clothes that match or look good together, a feat unto itself, then find a way to take a picture of that. Whether you go outside just before Thanksgiving dinner or to a professional photographer, you’ll always manage to lose someone. When you take the photo, at least 90% of the people in the photo will have blinked, so you’ll have to take a dozen more. The kids will get distracted, and everybody will be stressed by the end of it. Family photos are great.

These family aren’t really put off by them, though. They actually seem to enjoy the chaos that is crucial to the photos themselves. How do we know? Because they had fun with their photos and did some crazy stuff. (Well, we hope they were having fun. If some of the people were serious, we’ve all got reason to be worried.) They brought their pets into some weird situations, did some really weird things with their kids, and might just be sending giant red flags about some criminal habits. If you want to see some pictures that will make you realize that your family isn’t so crazy after all, read on.

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