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15 Most Memorable Reality Show Stars

Snooki: "Jersey Shore"

Everyone remembers Snooki for her antics on Jersey Shore. She was one of the first women to go on TV and hold nothing back when it came to talking about herself and her body. On the series, she wasn't afraid to get in the middle of a fight and showed off her body a little bit too much. Even though She could be over-the-top at times, but most people actually found her candidness quite endearing. In the end, Snooki became one of the most memorable characters from the show and gained a huge following.

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Jonny Fairplay: "Survivor"

Jonny was almost universally hated on his season of Survivor, but he was definitely remembered. He pre-planned a convoluted lie about his grandmother dying to win sympathy, and it worked. He ended up making it to the top three!

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Simon Cowell: "X Factor" and "American Idol"

On both the X Factor and American Idol, Simon Cowell made a name for himself as the ruthless critic. However, he also has quite the eye for spotting talent. When contestants received that rare compliment from him, they were blown away!

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Evel Dick: "Big Brother"

This foul-mouthed bar owner was certainly the villain of his season of Big Brother, but his slyness helped him push everyone else out the door and win the top prize. This evil genius even managed to score the runner-up’s prize for his daughter!

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Marcel Vigneron: "Top Chef"

Marcel the Shell--just kidding--Marcel starred on Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars. He was known and hated for his ego and his pompadour, so much so that other contestants on the show actually tried to shave his head!

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"Boston Rob" Mariano: "Survivor" and "Amazing Race"

Rob starred on both Survivor and the Amazing Race, and people loved him simply because he was so good at playing the game. He never actually won the Amazing Race and it took him four tries to win Survivor, but it was truly amazing to see him work his magic on people.

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Omarosa: "The Apprentice"

Omarosa knew how to make good reality TV when she was on The Apprentice. She wasn’t afraid to go head to head with other board members or argue with the hosts. Plus, she’s the only person who Donald Trump has fired two times!

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Tim Gunn: "Project Runway"

If you don’t think to yourself, “Make it work,” whenever you hear Tim Gunn’s name, you probably have never heard of him. Tim Gunn made a name for himself as the caring, yet honest mentor on Project Runway. We all want a Tim Gunn in our lives for moral support and needed criticism.

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Nick Viall: "The Bachelorette"

Nick’s irresistible charm landed him in the final two on the Bachelorette twice. In the end, he was never picked as the winner by either of the two ladies. He finally moved on to other ventures besides trying to find love on a TV show.

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Kim Kardashian: "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

Love them or hate them, you cannot deny that the Kardashians are the queens of reality TV. The unapologetic and driven Kim was the driving force behind their rise to fame. Even if you don’t agree with her methods, there is no denying they work!

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Jon and Kate Gosselin: "Jon and Kate Plus 8"

On Jon and Kate Plus 8, these two were attempting to raise sextuplets and twins. The show really took a turn when their marriage started to crumble and allegations of cheating came out. After their split, Kate returned to television with Kate Plus 8.

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Bethenny Frankel: "Real Housewives of New York"

Bethenny made a name for herself on Real Housewives of New York. She wasn’t an actual housewife, but her brazen, sarcasm-filled appearances on the show made her an instant star.

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Tierra Licausi: "The Bachelor"

Tierra was easily the most hated contestant on her season of the Bachelor (with Sean Lowe), but Sean kept her around for quite a while because he didn’t see through her attention-getting antics.

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Lisa Vanderpump: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Lisa Vanderpump’s first claim to fame was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was frequently called manipulative on the show, but her captivating personality succeeded in landing her her own spinoff show: Vanderpump Rules.

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Holly Madison: "The Girls Next Door"

Holly Madison is still one of the most well-known Playboy Playmates, but she is also famous because of The Girls Next Door. Beautiful and charming, Holly defined the idea of a sex symbol in her day.

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