15 Most Valuable Artifacts You Can Find in Museums

No matter the time period, every civilization leaves behind artifacts that help us learn more about their culture, religion, and what is most valued by their peoples. Sometimes, it’s just scraps and pieces of pottery that could have been thrown away, while other times it’s human remains or a beautiful work of art. Researchers spend hours studying these artifacts to find out all they can, which is where we get most of our historic information. For example, the density of bones found that are several centuries old could let archaeologists know the diet of a civilization.

After studying these artifacts, they’re sent to museums where the public has a chance to read about them. While it’s true that these artifacts are priceless according to history, museums are required to put a price on them for insurance purposes. In terms of art, the pieces may have been bought and sold at some point, as well. Some artifacts have such a high value that they’re probably one of the most expensive things that a person will ever see.

We’ve found 15 of the most valuable artifacts that you can go see in a museum today in the United States and around the World.

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