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15 Must-Read Books of Summer 2015

1. "Go Set a Watchman" by Harper Lee

The long-anticipated sequel of To Kill a Mockingbird is almost here! This book follows an adult Scout, who is struggling with personal and political issues, so she returns home to visit her father and the town that molded her into the person she is today. The first book was probably one of the few you actually enjoyed reading for school, and this one is sure to be a masterpiece as well.

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2. "In the Unlikely Event" by Judy Blume

Ladies and gentlemen, Judy Blume has indeed released a new book for adults this summer. This novel tells the tale of a group of people whose lives are completely changed after several airplanes crash in their small town. If summer boredom is starting to set in, you can pick up this book for a guaranteed wild ride.

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3. "In the Country: Stories" by Mia Alvar

Not everyone has the time and money to travel the globe this summer, but if you read this book, you will feel transported to all kinds of exotic locations. Follow a New York pharmacist, a Filipina teacher, and more as they all search for a place to call home.

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4. "Among the Ten Thousand Things" by Julia Pierpont

This gut-wrenching book relays the story of a seemingly normal family living in New York, when one day their lives start falling apart after Jack’s wife and children learn about the secret life he’s been leading. This is a summer read you should enjoy during time off because you’ll probably need a few days to recover from the emotional rollercoaster after finishing this book.

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5. "Luckiest Girl Alive" by Jessica Knoll

Gone Girl or Mad Men fans will love reading Knoll’s debut novel this summer. Ani FaNelli, the protagonist, has the near-perfect life with a handsome fiance, upscale possessions, and a glamorous job, but she also has a harrowing secret from her past that could ruin everything.

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6. "The Small Backs of Children" by Lidia Yuknavitch

Lose yourself this summer in this short novel about love, loss, and identity. Yuknavitch shows you a war-torn town in Eastern Europe through the eyes of a suicidal writer, her filmmaker husband, and a young European girl they’re trying to save.

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7. "Infinite Home" by Kathleen Alcott

Edith, an elderly landlord, and some of her downtrodden tenants struggle to find their purpose in life after all of their homes are threatened. Summertime sometimes means being away from home and the ones you love, so if you’re missing home, this novel will speak to you about what “home” really means.

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8. "Delicious!" by Ruth Reichl

This book obviously revolves around food (everyone’s favorite topic), but there’s a lot more to it than that. Follow the life of Billie, who lands a dream job at the prestigious food magazine, Delicious!. While there, Billie discovers a series of old fan letters that inspire her to face her fears and open her heart to love.

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9. "You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine" by Alexandra Kleeman

You may have a different perspective on getting your “summer body” after reading this eye-opening story that takes a look at how women think, eat, and go about their daily lives. The characters are nameless, so you will easily be able to put yourself in each of their shoes.

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10. "The Sunlit Night" by Rebecca Dinerstein

Have you ever been curious about what it’s like to live near the North Pole where the sun doesn’t go down for a portion of the year? Well, it’s your lucky day. Take a summer adventure without ever leaving your home, and read this novel about two lovers, Frances and Yasha, who are living in a remote area of Norway.

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11. "Bull Mountain" by Brian Panowich

Set in the North Georgia mountains, this book follows a family who has been running moonshine and illegal drugs over state lines for generations. But when a federal agent threatens to shut down the operation, family loyalties will be tested. This is the perfect thriller to get your summer off to an exciting start!

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12. "Woman with a Secret" by Sophie Hannah

Looking for a psychological thriller to end your summer with? This book could be the one. It comes out on August 4th, and it will keep you on your toes trying to figure out what the main character, Nicki’s, secret is and how far she will go to cover it up.

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13. "The Idea of Love" by Patti Callahan Henry

Can a relationship be built on lies and still succeed? This intriguing book dives into what it really means to be in love through the story of Hunter and Ella who find each other through what they believe is fate. Their lies eventually catch up to them, but can their love survive this? Ditch the cookie-cutter romances this summer, and instead choose this book for a refreshing change.

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14. "Gateway to Freedom" by Eric Foner

This is the perfect novel for all the history buffs out there searching for a new novel about slavery and the underground railroad. Foner gives the reader a glimpse into pre-Civil War New York and the gripping details of free blacks, slave catchers, and kidnappers throughout the fight to end slavery.

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15. "Preparation for the Next Life" by Atticus Lish

An illegal Chinese immigrant moves to America and falls in love with an American soldier who is worn down from three tours in Iraq. In this atypical love story you’ll soon find out that the American Dream can turn into a real nightmare. Good thing it’s summertime because you won’t be able to put this one down.

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