30 Supporting Roles That Were Better Than the Lead Actor

Supporting actors who outshined the lead. There are tons of reasons that we decide to devote two or more hours of our life to a movie. Maybe we’ve read the source material, and we’re excited to see our favorite book come to life. It could also be that the plot seems incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to see what happens. How could the main actor survive?! If you're having for the movie, you may have even more passionate reasons since movie ticket prices are on the rise! It's hard to shell out the money.

With that being said, we most often see a movie because we love the men and women that take the lead role. That’s precisely why some big names are brought into a film. How many times have you thought about seeing a movie just because Anthony Hopkins was in it? We know we've specifically seen dozens of films because they had our favorite actors and actresses.

Surprisingly enough, lead actors and actresses can be great, but they don’t always outshine the person that's playing as the supporting role. A supporting character is defined as an actor or actress that performs a role in a film that’s below that of the leading actor but above that of a bit part. Well, some people do better than “support” the main role. Sometimes, the supporting character is what really carries the film. Not only do the characters become one of the most notable parts of the film, the movies often become more well-known simply because an actor or actress in the "supporting role" carried.

In fact, there have been so many that we’re going to make a list. Here are 30 supporting roles that decided to steal the film, audience, and critics. Did we miss anyone you think acted better than the lead?

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