15 Wedding Traditions by Country

In America, weddings are usually heavily tradition-based. Weddings are often held in a church where the bride wears a white dress. She often has something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue. A huge cake is served, often a white cake with elaborate decoration. After the ceremony, the bride tosses her bouquet into a crowd of women while the groom throws the bride’s garter into a group of men. All that may seem normal to us, but it may actually seem bizarre in another country.

Like us, every country has its own unique way of expressing love, and it can be pretty fun learning about them. Instead of a huge cake, they may have another type of dessert. Others my toss the white dress and choose something with more color that’s bold and daring.

Today, we’re going to go over some traditions from other countries that are vastly different from ours or even explain some of our wedding traditions! Some might seem extremely weird, but we’re sure to have something on this list that’ll make you think, “Oh, wow. That’s pretty interesting!”

Here are 15 wedding traditions from other countries that show love can be celebrated in nearly any way you can dream. Who knows, maybe traditions from other countries will end up at our weddings!

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