15 Wildest True Stories About Musicians

At some point in each of our lives, we will do things we regret. We’ll have crazy things happen to us, and we’ll do crazy things. The same goes for celebrities. They’re just as human as we are, but they have hundreds of people writing about the most obscure details of their lives and even more reading about it. They live their entire lives on a stage for the whole world to see.

Musicians have an even higher level of crazy things that happen in their lives. Sometimes their stories are crazy just because they get caught up in their performance. Other times, their funny incidents with fans or other celebs. More often than not, though, their stories revolve around the drugs and alcohol that so much of their lives revolve around.

Drugs are still a huge problem for today’s celebs given way too much money and put under way too much pressure, but from the 60s through the end of the century, it was “cool” for musicians to be on drugs. It’s what they sang about. It’s what they did onstage, backstage, and anywhere else they could get their fix. There was almost no way to avoid them. But drugs make people do crazy things. These are the weirdest, craziest, and sometimes saddest musician stories you’ll find.

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