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15 Worst-Dressed Musicians

U Can’t Touch This Wardrobe

Seriously, don’t touch MC Hammer’s wardrobe. While power suits might give you confidence, there’s a reason you can’t find them anywhere these days. All that extra room in those parachute pants might look inviting, but it’s not. Let’s just say, there’s a reason people compare him to Disney’s Aladdin. Don’t dress like Aladdin. 

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I’ll take my steak completely uncooked please.

In 2010, Lady Gaga went to an event wearing a dress, hat, and shoes made entirely of raw meat. Yes, you read that right. She wanted to make a statement about LGBT rights in the military, but honestly, it’s a bit of a stretch. That’s the way most of her fashion is. It’s all just a little too out there. We know she’s usually trying to draw attention to herself but come on. We don’t want to give our attention to people who wear meat dresses.

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Proud to be an American

Vanilla Ice was the first Hip-Hop artist to top the American charts back in the 90s. He let that get to his head and really started repping the flag. In every outfit. It made him look like he was a frat boy who really, really loved “the Only Free Country on Earth.” Add that to his Elvis-styled hair and his purposefully-shaved eyebrows and you get someone that no one should copy but everyone did copy. 

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Chevron’s Not Just for Pinterest Anymore

Lil Wayne just doesn’t seem to understand how to dress. On occasion, he’s stylish, but other times, he’s wearing red chevron Uggs. The 7th grade girls who love Uggs wouldn’t even wear those. We’ve got to give it to him, though: they look darn comfortable. 

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Wait, how do I put this on again?

Early 90s rap duo Kriss Kross really took the backwardness of their name to heart. They wore everything backward. Their shirts, pants, jackets, all of it. We shouldn’t copy this fad. They did it to purposefully stand out, so we shouldn’t steal from their thunder. Plus, it’s addicting. One member of the duo continued to wear his pants backwards for decades after the duo began. 

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The Queen of Fashion

Freddie Mercury is considered one of the best frontmen of all time, but his wardrobe was quite the sight. He wore everything from sequin-covered spandex suits with collars stooping to his belly button to his iconic yellow jacket. He came out dressed as a King once, a Drag Queen another time, and a million other things. He dressed for the glamour of it all, but trust me, you don’t live the life Mercury did. Leave the glam to him. 

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Why’s everybody staring?

Britney Spears’s life was about as chaotic as any pop star, and her wardrobe reflected that. Most of her outfits are pretty much nonexistent, and the rest are just plain weird. If anyone else were to wear them in public, they’d receive all the wrong attention. Well, Britney wanted all the wrong attention so maybe that’s why she wore them. 

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We All Look the Same

Moby’s fashion isn’t generally offensive. It’s just… bland. As he himself says, “Small, bald, white guys are kind of interchangeable.” This attitude about his looks flows right into his style sense: it’s completely forgettable. You could pass Moby on the street and not bat an eye. He’s fairly generic. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s also nothing to inspire anyone. 

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More Than Just a Lightning Bolt

When you picture David Bowie, you probably picture his iconic lightning-bolt face paint. He had plenty of other fashion statements to make, though, and they weren't all great. Some of his outfits are so out there that you know they were only worn for the studio, but even that must have been difficult. 

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Wait, what is that?

It’s hard to say anything about Miley Cyrus’s fashion choices. That’s mainly because she hardly ever wears clothes. In fact, she once performed an entire music video in the nude. When she does wear clothes, though, they’re weird. They don’t usually resemble clothes. We’re not sure where she gets her ideas from, but we do know it's usually Not Safe For Work. 

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The Worst Inspiration

Oh gosh. Axl Rose. He inspired the name for thousands of dogs across the nation, but h shouldn’t inspire your closet. He reminds us a bit too much of Jack Sparrow, and his bandana makes him look like he’s just really trying to be cool. He fashion is essentially a diva crossed with a biker, and those two mix about as well as oil and water.  Leave his Jack Sparrow look alone and opt for something more… sane. 

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Trying Too Hard

Hitler’s hair. A black pair of Lennon’s glasses. Beyoncé’s lipstick. A vampire’s wardrobe. None of this should ever go together, and most of it shouldn’t be worn at all. Marilyn Manson looks like a mime trying really hard to look like a vampire, but let’s be honest. Even vampires don’t try that hard. 

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A Country Diva

At least Kid Rock is iconic. He’s got his fedora, something we all know is a huge mistake. He’s got long, flat blonde hair and a gross little goatee. He loves wearing massive sunglasses to cover his little eyes. In general, he looks like a country diva. 

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Anybody have a Hairdryer?

These days, Justin Bieber has done everything he can to slip out of the spotlight and shed his obnoxious persona. In his heyday, though, he had some serious wardrobe issues. His hair looked like someone had a field trip with a hairdryer. He was known to wear drop-crotch pants, which are about as gross as they sound. Suffice it to say we’re glad this Bieber has come and gone. 

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Dress to Impress

Elton John, like many musicians, dressed to impress. His fashion, while leaving an impact, is not something anybody wants to emulate. He wears glasses that resemble the cheap ones you give your 2-year-old daughter, and the rest of it looks like your extravagant grandma’s. It’s not pretty. 

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