15 Worst-Dressed Musicians

Musicians just want to put on a good show. They may have gotten into the industry because they love music, but if they can’t perform, they won’t be able to pay for their career. This has lead them to strive for that spotlight in any and every way. They’ll put on theatrics, bring on dancers, and, of course, wear absolutely horrendous outfits. Some musicians have fantastic fashion sense (or fashion designers), and they go on to inspire fads entire generations will copy. They’re trend-setters. The Beatles gave people the most-popular men’s hair-do of the day. Cobain lead the 90s into the dingy flannels that were so popular. Madonna rocked some massive jewelry inspired styles you can find anywhere.

While those icons did some great things for the fashion of the day, these musicians did not. Some of theme tried to start trends and failed. Some succeeded and shouldn’t have. Others put on weird shows or made weird statements. Unsurprisingly, some just don’t care. All of these musicians managed to make a splash with their wardrobe, and their style all went down in the history books. These musicians really shouldn’t be remembered for their style, though. They had terrible fashion sense.

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