17 Most Controversial Classic Movie Moments

When it comes to movies, pushing the envelope is a good thing. Some of our biggest cinema classics came into existence because an ambitious writer or director decided to take a risk and do something daring. Without experimentation and courage like this, film probably wouldn't be the art form that it is today. 

When those cinematic moves pay off, we're left with movie gold. Unfortunately, sometimes pushing the envelope doesn't go quite as planned. Sometimes films attempt to walk the line between edgy and wrong and wind up falling off the tightrope completely! What was supposed to be artistic and insightful comes off as offensive and repulsive to audiences. 

And even films that we now consider classics aren't immune from this problem! There are plenty of fan favorites that still had moments that left audiences raising their eyebrows, scratching their heads, and shouting in their seats. In this slideshow, we're taking a look at the most infamous moments in classic movies that were controversial and appalling. These films tried to show us the darkest parts of the human soul, but audiences were not having it! They became known as some of the worst films out there -- and not because they were just bad.

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