SVU actors in a scene

17 Signs You're Addicted to Law & Order: SVU

If you’ve ever found yourself 10 episodes into a Law & Order: SVU marathon then you know that the addiction is real. All it takes is a quick glimpse of Detective Olivia Benson and her sidekicks to be sucked into a crime-fighting stupor. Admitting addiction to a TV show can be difficult, but if you have any of these symptoms then you've become completely and irrevocably addicted to Law & Order: SVU.

  1. The SVU intro is your siren’s call, and you know it word for word.
  2. You will drop whatever you’re doing to watch an all-day marathon. “Sorry, Mom. I can’t make it to your birthday dinner. Call you tomorrow!”
  3. Nothing makes you happier than finding an episode you’ve never seen.
  4. Baby Benson makes your heart smile.
  5. You follow all of the SVU actors on all social media platforms and know their usernames by heart.
  6. Detective Elliot Stabler’s quick departure from the squad will forever be an open wound.
  7. You cried when Munch left the team.
  8. And when Cragen left.
  9. You know that you will fall apart if Olivia or Tutuola ever leave you.
  10. Legal jargon is second nature to you thanks to the hundreds of court cases you’ve watched.
  11. Miranda Rights? You have them memorized.
  12. You’ve contemplated becoming a police officer, but only if Olivia and Elliot can be on your squad.
  13. Dreams about SVU are normal for you.
  14. You know the first suspect is never the actual perp.
  15. You also say “perp,” “suspect,” and “evidence” in everyday conversations.
  16. You find yourself suggesting personality disorders when your friends complain about misbehaving children.
  17. There is no greater betrayal than when USA plays an NCIS marathon instead of Law & Order: SVU.
Last Updated: May 21, 2015