19 Far-Out 70s Films Everyone Should See at Least Once

Let’s talk about the ‘70s. It was a crazy time, which makes sense since it followed the tumultuous ‘60s. Peace continued to be one of the biggest factors of the decades. It was no wonder that people flooded movie theaters as a way to get away from real life. Thank goodness there were tons of fantastic films that graced the silver screen. It seemed like every month, something totally great was coming out, and we were happy to wait in line for a ticket to sit in the best row.

We’re going over some of the best films that released this decade, although it’ll be tough to go over them all. Even though some of the movies on this list didn’t necessarily do well when they first released, they’re definitely something someone should see at least once. We also decided to represent a gambit of genres including horror, drama, and even a musical! Can you guess which musical we decided to add to the list? It’ll be a toughie!

Without further ado, here are 19 far-out ‘70s films that everyone should see at least once in their life, but we wouldn’t blame you if you watched them over and over again.

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