20 Biggest Olympic Scandals You Won’t Believe Happened

The Olympic Games can be one of the most hyped events of the year…or at least every two years. Once every two years, we have either the Summer or Winter Games, and it’s the closest we’ll ever get to seeing actual super humans in the flesh. Some of the stunts can be absolutely mindboggling. The games are incredibly intense, and it’s hard not to get into it. Does anyone else make comments during a bad performance?

Well, all this stress can get to the athletes just like the fans. They’re required to compete to the best of their ability for the country they’re representing, and failing isn’t an option. Athletes take it hard when they can’t get a medal for their event. Naturally, this can lead to a bad decision or two. That’s exactly why scandals happen at the Olympics quite a bit.

Not all of them are fun to watch, but we’d be lying if we said it doesn’t make the Games a little more interesting. Some of these scandals are ridiculous while others are just plain wrong. These are some of the biggest Olympic scandals that probably shouldn’t have happened but totally did.

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