20 Brands Millennials Are Putting Out Of Business

Who doesn't love going out for a good time? It's always nice to be able to go to a restaurant and eat a delicious meal that someone else prepared, cooked, and cleans up after. A refreshing pint compliments dinner nicely, doesn't it? And let's not forget the amazing luxury of putting a diamond engagement ring on a beloved's finger. These are just a few of the things we can enjoy in the 21st century, and most of us recognize how fortunate we are. However, those dang millennials are at it again and taking away the things we love. 

Other than destroying the housing market, ruining the sacred pact of marriage, and being all-around ungrateful for everything the boomer generation set up for them, millennials are investing more in their avocado toast and tipping their servers too much to be contributing members of society. Thanks to their generation, we can kiss goodbye to department stores, chain restaurants, and getting grandchildren. If we're not careful, this snowflake generation will end up destroying everything we built for them. 

These kids don't seem to remember who paved the way for civil and LGBT rights, current fashion trends, technological advancements, and being kind to your elders. In addition to being rude and entitled, the millennial generation is changing the retail world as we know it. Well-loved brand names are heading to the grave and there isn't much we can do to stop it. Keep reading to discover 20 big-name brands that will soon be gone forever. 

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