20 Craziest Tailgating Schools

20 Craziest Tailgating Schools. Tailgates have become a national pastime over the years, especially on Saturdays in the fall during college football season. Fans come from all over in support of their teams, and they generally do not travel lightly! For a day (or more) it's all about tents, grills, and coolers that are packed with delicious treats. Naturally, friends and families gather around to play games and hang out before kickoff.

Since everyone is different, everyone also has their own way to tailgate, and this brings something offbeat to the table. Some people prefer the classic cookout style tailgate, while others prefer to go to local bars or restaurants before the game is set to begin. But, do you know what truly sets the different schools apart from one another? It's the traditions! They give both the players and fans something to look forward to. Heck, you've probably heard about some of the crazy parties. You can feel the buzz around the stadium, and that makes everyone that much more excited for the upcoming game.

Not only do these schools have a loyal fanbase, but they also have something unique as far as tailgating goes. The fans of these schools go all out for their teams, rain or shine, and they love every second of it.

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