20 Trades That Rocked the NHL World

20 Trades That Rocked the NHL World. Hockey, just like any other sport, can be filled with some of the most amazing and fun moments of someone's life. The goals, the players, the camaraderie—it's all a big part of such a fantastic sport. And then… there are these moments.

Every year hockey players and fans alike dread the most nightmarish and stressful of times: trade season. Trade season refers to the time when the NHL teams trade beloved players for different players or draft picks. These are mostly good because trades help a team fortify a weakness or bolster a strength while the player gets a change in scenery. Most of these trades usually work out well too, with both teams improving with the arrival of the new players.

Sometimes, the trade doesn't go so well. Trades can go south pretty quickly. Some trades are known for being completely one-sided. Some have even gone down in franchise histories as the worst trades ever made. While a lot of fans would rather forget about those trades and deals, it's much more fun to take a look at them and see exactly where they went wrong. Then, there's all the sweet, sweet aftermath. It might make you feel a bit better to know that it wasn't just your team that got swindled in a trade gone wrong.

We went and found 20 of the worst NHL trades in hockey history.

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