2015 VMAs: 5 Ways Miley Will Come in Like a Wrecking Ball

Miley was banned from performing at the MTV Video Music Awards after her twerktastic performance with Robin Thicke in 2013. So naturally, MTV asked her to host the awards show this year.

Here are a few things we can definitely expect from the Queen of Twerk - and make sure to tune into the live show August 30 on MTV, 9/8c.

Her tongue will get more air-time than the nominees and performers combined.

The girl loves sticking her tongue out almost as much as she loves taking off her clothes, so we can definitely expect it to make a few (dozen) apearances.


fuck yeah VMAzzzzz!!!!! #host #vma2015 @mtv

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Bonus if she licks something.

She’ll promote the Happy Hippie Foundation.

Last year, Miley stole the show when she brought a homeless youth to the VMAs as her date and let him take the stage during what was supposed to be her acceptance speech. Shortly after, she launched the Happy Hippie Foundation, so you can bet she’ll use the VMAs stage as a platform again – because why not?

She’ll rock a ton of crazy outfits.

Other than tongues and twerking, Miley is mainly known for the crazy, sparkly, pizza and marijuana-themed outfits she wears on tour. And no award show is complete without at least five different outfits from the host, so we can expect some pretty fun (and definitely inappropriate) costumes from Miley this year.


family portrait @reedandrader ??????

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The theme will be aliens.

There have been several VMA promos featuring aliens this year, so maybe Miley will come out of a spaceship to start the show. And then she’ll twerk with some space creatures. Whatever happens, we know it will be out of this world.


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There will be twerking, twerking, and more twerking.

Sure, Miley has claimed that MTV won’t let her perform on the VMA stage again. But she’s the Queen of Twerk, and rumor has it she’ll be announcing new music, so you know she’ll sneak a few booty-shaking dance moves in there.

The VMAs will never be the same...