22 Actors Who'd Be Magical in a 'Harry Potter' Reboot

Reboots are all the rage right now in Hollywood, and with the Harry Potter film series being a smash hit,  there's no doubt that fans have wondered who would be the right recast pick to play the Boy Who Lived. Even though it feels like these movies were released just yesterday, the first of the eight films debuted in 2001—making it almost 20 years old! So really, talk of a Harry Potter reboot isn't as crazy as it might seem at first. 

There's no denying that the original cast will always be the first and most important group to bring the magic of Hogwarts to life. But there are plenty of up-and-coming-stars (and some established actors as well) who could make the story of Harry Potter just as enchanting as the original. 

While there are no official plans at the moment to reboot the series, a Muggle can still dream, and that's why we're taking a look at our picks for the actors we want to see portray the iconic wizarding crew for a new generation of viewers. Here are the 22 current actors that should take that fateful trip from Platform Nine and Three Quarters and star in a Harry Potter reboot. 

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