25 Celebrities Who Failed at Dating

Ah, celebrity relationships. We see the best and the worst of each one of these stars. We love it when celebs are together for 10, 15, or even 25 years without any issues. They are #relationshipgoals at its finest, and we can only aspire to be a little like them. However, it’s important to remember that we only see a portion of their relationship. Behind the curtains, it’s not all glitter and gold.

Some celebrities are so bad at dating their faces may as well be the definition of it. Just because they’re attractive, rich, and popular doesn’t mean that their dating life is perfect. It’s actually quite the opposite. They have problems just like everyone else, some people more so than others.

Granted, it isn’t always their fault, and they could have been given a crappy hand. We feel for the men and women that have been cheated on, but why are they still having issue after issue?

This slideshow is for all those that want a little reminder that celebs have a difficult time just like the rest of us. Here are 25 celebrities that can’t seem to get this whole dating thing down.

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