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25 Crankiest Musicians of All Time

Kanye West

Kanye West is notoriously cranky. For the fans, he’s had issues during a concert where he wanted the fans to do something in the audience, and when they didn’t, he stormed off.

On top of that, he regularly has interviews that go awry. When something sets him off, he can either yell at the interviewer, stare angrily, or storm off the set without warning.

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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is known for having an uptight attitude. When someone asks her if she knows a popular star, she shakes her head and says, “I don’t know them.” Not to mention, we all remember her 2018 New Year’s performance where her equipment quit working, and she couldn’t hear a thing.

That doesn’t change the fact she had a full-on temper tantrum on stage.

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Ringo Starr

It’s hard to believe that any member of the Beatles can be cranky, but Ringo Starr is known for having a serious attitude. In fact, one fan told a story about when they were a child to meet their favorite musician.  Upon meeting Starr, he laughed at the kid and  said, “No.” Then, he told them to leave…except with more expletives.

This is a regular occurrence with anyone that meets up with Starr, as described by other fans. If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll be happy to know that the other members are incredibly kind, and Julian Lennon is as kind as ever -- figures.

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Axl Rose

Axl Rose was known for being wild and less-than-kind in his younger years. While he’s cooled down a little, he’s still pretty dang cranky. Thanks to his anger issues, he regularly throws items and insults anyone that sets him off.

He used to tell his fans to go away (with more expletives), but he takes photos nowadays. That’s precisely why he’s on this list as cranky instead of just plain mean.

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Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee, the drummer for Mötley Crüe, never said he was a good guy, but it’s a surprise that he can be a pretty rude dude. He refuses to take pictures with fans, which is fine, but he doesn’t have to go off on fans that ask.

Several stories by fans explain how he curses them out and claims that he doesn’t owe them anything. Maybe he’s had too many bad run-ins, but there’s no reason to start something when there’s nothing there.

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Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach is the lead singer of Skid Row, but things aren’t peachy in his world. He’s known for being a little grumpy and, in some circumstances, violent. For example, while visiting his hometown, the band went to hang out at a bar – not to play, but just to enjoy the evening.

Well, the bar already had a band playing, but Bach wanted in on the action. Naturally, they wouldn’t let him, and he began to throw a tantrum. A security guard attempted to remove him and got bit before throwing Bach out.

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Kid Rock

Kid Rock is mainly known for his hard and trashy persona, but that doesn’t mean he has to treat people like trash. On top of being disrespectful on numerous occasions, he’s physically violent.

He instigates public fights on the regular, including one where he punched Tommy Lee at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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John McCrea

John McCrea is the lead singer of Cake. McCrea is naturally an introvert, which is tough for any famous band, but he takes it a step too far. The group is known for insulting audiences who paid to see them by refusing to play when they don’t participate.

That’s right – when McCrea says sing along, you better sing along, or he’s going to walk off stage. He also insults entire countries while performing in said country, which once made crowds throw numerous water bottles at him while on stage. 

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Lily Allen

Lily Allen is crass in a delightful way, but sometimes she crosses the line. While she can be charming at times, she’s also a huge snob. She regularly writes songs about those in her life including her ex-boyfriends and brother. Her brother, Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones) has a song about him, Alfie, where Lily complains about what a loser he is.

To make matters worse, Lily Allen has feuded with other stars regularly including Amy Winehouse and Kylie Minogue. She even drunkenly berated Elton John at the GQ awards in 2008.

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The late Prince was a music genius, but he was reportedly also extremely rude. One of the worst stories is when he borrowed one of the Roots’ 1961 Epiphone Crestwood guitar and smashed it up on stage. Granted, he paid for it, but that doesn’t change the fact he smashed up someone else’s instruments.

Kevin Smith has plenty of stories, as well, that perfectly describes how entitled Prince was – including one where he requested a camel in Minnesota at 3 A.M. and didn’t understand why he couldn’t get it.

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Morrissey isn’t the sweetest person in the world. On a few occasions, he’s walked off stage during a concert. Since he’s a vegan, he walked off stage during a show when smelling BBQ claiming, “I hope it’s human.”

On top of that, he defended Kevin Spacey saying that he was “unnecessarily attacked” following the accusation of sexual harassment and pedophilia. He also defended Harvey Weinstein’s actions, which ranks him as one of the worst musicians on the list. 

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Courtney Love

There’s no doubt that Courtney Love hasn’t had a rough life, especially considering her history with Kurt Cobain. However, she’s been a little cranky and off the wall before she even met Kurt. At 14, she was arrested for shoplifting and was placed in foster care until she was 16.

After the drugs and trauma, she only got worse, and she’s known for being a thorn in celebs’ side. Love crashes interviews, channels her angry toward other female performers, and her own daughter even has a restraining order against her.  

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Katy Perry

Everyone knows that Katy Perry regularly has spats with other stars, including Taylor Swift and the other judges on American Idol. Stars fight, and that’s fine, but what puts her on this list is the fact that she thinks she’s better than everyone else, including American Troops...

One Reddit user described how she did a “support the troops” show, but didn’t shake hands and refused to be polite to anyone there. Other Marines have other stories similar to this one, so it’s definitely not a one-off.

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Justin Bieber

The crankiest little toddler in the bunch is none other than Justin Bieber. There’s a whole list of things that show he’s a colossal jerk including forcing his bodyguards to carry him up the Great Wall of China, calling a fan a “beached whale,” spitting on fans, egging his neighbor’s house, driving while under the influence, and more.

Overall, he’s just a baby that’s been throwing a temper tantrum for years.

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Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher is one of the co-founders of Oasis, the band that sung Wonderwall. Well, Noel has a massive temper that he’s not afraid to show, in fact, it’s one of the reasons that he and his brother fought for so long.

In particular, Noel is known for throwing furniture around. In fact, he’s been known to throw chairs at his younger brother, Liam.

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Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher is the other co-founder of Oasis, and he’s not without fault. The reason Noel threw a chair at Liam was that he changed the lyrics of a song to insult Americans – Liam hates Americans for some reason.

He’s also been known to ditch a tour just to go on a shopping excursion.

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Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke is the sort of person you know is going to be cranky when you meet him. He regularly curses at fans, mostly for requesting one of their most famous songs – “Creep.”

Fans that meet him on the street, however, don’t have a better time. He’s an intense person and hates to be approached by people. In the words of people who meet him, “he’s a jerk.”

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Matt Good

Matt Good may not be as popular as he was in the ‘90s, and that may be because of his attitude. He’s known for having a difficult temperament and even sold merchandise that said, “I hear Matt Good is a real (expletive)” on the front.

Well, at least he isn’t afraid to admit he’s cranky. Someone get this man a juice box, STAT!

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DMX is a tough rapper, so it makes sense that he’d have a tough persona, but maybe it’s more than just a front... He’s basically the king of cranky. He’s been arrested for a ton of offenses including drug charges, criminal impersonation, reckless driving, and parole violation.

It’s to the point where he’s more known for his criminal record than his music.

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown has an anger problem, and no one can deny that – not even Chris Brown. Domestically abusing Rihanna is a perfect example of this, but that’s not the only one.

He also punched Frank Ocean and yelled homophobic slurs at the singer and threatened to shoot him. Brown also had a serious bar brawl with Drake that involved several people suffering injuries.

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Grace Jones

Grace Jones has a long history of being violent and aggressive. In 1981, she attacked Russell Harty on a television talk show because he was speaking to another guest. In response, she slapped him several times on air.

That’s not the only time she’s started a fight, either. It became a regular thing on- and off-air.

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John Mayer

John Mayer is a guy that people love to hate, but it isn’t without fault thanks to his attitude. While he isn’t without talent, he seems to be without a conscious. First, he’s all-but-admitted being a racist in interviews by saying slurs in interviews in a blasé way.

He also brags about his dating “conquests” in interviews, which is an overall crappy thing for anyone to do.

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Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5, is an EDM DJ that’s gained quite a reputation. Despite donating large sums of money to charities, he’s known to be extremely rude in person.

He’s never been shy about openly mocking his peers, including Diplo, Skrillex, and Jack Ü. By now, he’s accepted his title and runs with it.

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Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz is a member of Fall Out Boy. While he’s not a complete d-bag, he does have his moments, which is why he’s on the list as merely “cranky.” One story with a fan recalled how Wentz grabbed her friend’s phone and smashed it, telling her how he was going to smash her face next. Yikes.

Another story retold how Pete got drunk and poured beer on fans that approached him.  

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Chad Kroeger

Kroeger undoubtedly gets a d-bag award. Mostly because he thinks he’s a music genius, but we’re labeling him cranky and rude because of his comments toward other musicians. He once claimed Stone Sour was trying to sound like Nickelback in an interview, claiming Nickelback had major diversity in their songs.

He then followed it up by comparing himself to Queen. All we have to say is that you could play a full Nickelback album, and it would sound like one loooooooooooong song.

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