25 Creepiest Hiding Spots for Elf on a Shelf

Let’s take a second to talk about Elf on a Shelf. The idea is supposed to be cute; a troupe of elves that are sent out in December to watch kiddos to see who is being nice and who’s naughty. Then, they report back to Santa! Well, having an inanimate object come to life and watch kids is creepy no matter how you put it.

It’s like that one song, “I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me!” except even worse because this is a doll. Kind of like if that song and Child’s Play came together. That being said, some locations certainly top the charts for “creepy.” No one likes to be surprised by an elf popping out of nowhere, but it happens. If you want to scare your kiddos (or spouse), these spots would be perfectly ideal. Or you could do the opposite and avoid these locations – whatever floats your boat.  

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