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25 Feuds That Went On Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite TV Shows

Will Smith and Janet Hubert, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

On-screen, it would be hard to notice that Will Smith and aunt Vivian actress, Janet Hubert, didn't get along. Conflicts over money and personality clashes led to Hubert's dismissal and Aunt Viv's recasting after season three aired.

Since then, Hubert has publicly criticized Smith and claimed that he and another actor destroyed her career. Even 25 years later, that feud has gone on strong. In 2016, during the Oscars, Hubert posted a dig at Smith while also slamming Jada Pickett Smith. 

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Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, Moonlighting

Constant fighting and endless screaming before and after every take led to the downfall of this popular TV series. Shepherd and Willis despised each other from the first day to the very last moments of filming for Moonlighting's fourth and final season.

Most of the drama came from a delay in shooting due to Shepherd taking a longer maternity leave while Willis was trying to launch his movie career. At the time, Willis was relatively unknown, and he felt Shepherd was getting in the way of his future. 

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Nicollette Sheridan and Marc Cherry, Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives had its share fair of drama, but one ended in one of the stars filing a $20 million lawsuit. Nicollette Sheridan accused show creator Marc Cherry of assault on set, claiming that she had been hit on the head.

After she had tried to report Cherry's behavior, she was written out of the show. Ultimately, the judge declared a mistrial after the jury deadlocked, and subsequent lawsuits were tossed out.

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Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, Castle

On-screen, these two seemed like the perfect, bickering will-they-or-won't-they couple that eventually married in the seventh season. But off-screen, things couldn't be more different. Supposedly, Katic and Fillion were sent to couples counseling as a way to try and resolve their issues.

Apparently, the two refused to speak to each other offset. Katic's decision to leave the show after season eight was rumored to be, at least in part, due to her rocky relationship with Fillion.

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Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, Laverne & Shirley

With the creator of the show as her brother, it was unsurprising that Penny was cast as one of the leading roles. However, Marshall's co-star Cindy Williams claimed that Penny always wanted her gone so that she could have the spotlight all to herself.

Whether or not if that's how Marshall felt, that's how it ended. Williams got pregnant at the beginning of the eighth season, and the studio refused to give her the time off she needed, resulting in her filing a $20 million lawsuit to get her out of the contract.

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Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty, 90210

90210 is known for its drama both on-screen and off, though the on-screen drama was nowhere as fun to watch as what unfolded off-screen. Recently, Garth has said that the root of the problems simply stemmed from two similar young girls who were just trying to find their individual voices.

At the height of the feud, there was supposedly a physical fight between the two girls, after Doherty pulled up Garth's skirt and flashed the crew. The two have since reconciled and get along much better now as adults.

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Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Yes, it's true. The defenders of Sunnydale, the legendary witch and slayer duo, actually couldn't stand each other. Initially, the two had gotten along well in the early days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but as their careers advanced they began to butt heads more and more. Hostility flared into fights out of nowhere toward the beginning of the third season.

The whole feud came to a head when Gellar announced that season seven would be the last one. The only problem? The cast and crew hadn't been told. Hannigan was furious at how she and the rest of the cast were told and publicly ridiculed Gellar.

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Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre, Two-and-a-Half Men

Charlie Sheen's behavior during the latter half of his time on Two-and-a-Half Men was nothing short of erratic and insane. Sheen very blatantly had a drug problem but vehemently refused to acknowledge it or accept any help from anyone.

This apparently included show co-creator, Chuck Lorre. Sheen repeatedly verbally attacked Lorre in unhinged interviews, and the feud between the two is still alive and well.

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Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight, Grey's Anatomy

An off-screen argument-turned-fight between Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington went horrendously awry and became one of the more infamous tussles from the show. After Washington's assault on Dempsey, he supposedly used homophobic slurs in reference to Knight (an openly gay actor).

The issue angered many in the LGBT community and was glossed over for a while after Washington released an apology for his behavior. At least, until he directly contradicted his apology by claiming he never even said the phrase. This controversy eventually led to Washington being fired a few months after the incident.

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Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano, Charmed

Doherty is the first of our repeat offenders on this list. After her time on 90210,  Doherty switched to Charmed, where more co-star calamity plagued her. Milano chalked up their feud to major personality clashes coupled with the countless hours they spent with each other on-set.

Paramount, the studio behind Charmed, wound up having to hire a mediator to try and work out the girls' differences. Unfortunately, it didn't work. After a while, it became clear that one of the girls had to go, and the studio decided it would be Doherty.

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America Ferrera and Lindsay Lohan, Ugly Betty

Lohan started out as a guest appearance on ABC's sitcom Ugly Betty, and her run was easily the most tumultuous and troubled. Ferrera and Lohan reportedly never got along during filming, and they frequently butted heads.

Supposedly, Lohan's attitude was to blame, and it thwarted her and Ferrera's on and off-screen chemistry. Ironically, Lohan's character was the high school nemesis of Ferrera's. How appropriate.

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George Takei and William Shatner, Star Trek

Anyone who was a fan of the cult-favorite Star Trek obsessed over the camaraderie on the USS Enterprise, but surprise, surprise--not everyone was quite so buddy-buddy once the cameras stopped rolling. Most notably, Shatner and Takei spent a good portion of their time on Star Trek blatantly ignoring the other's existence as their bad blood escalated.

Takei repeatedly claimed that Shatner was self-centered and egotistical and never turned down the opportunity to publicly call out his former co-star. To be fair, Shatner equally served whatever Takei dished out. The two still sometimes take blows at each other in the media.

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Betty White and Bea Arthur, Golden Girls

Golden Girls is legendary for its characters' sass and witty comebacks, but apparently, not all of those underhanded insults were just acting. It's not entirely clear on why exactly Arthur disliked White.

However, White claimed it might have had something to do with her positive attitude. White said in a 2011 interview that Arthur wasn't a fan of White's cheerfulness, as Arthur herself had a very serious and professional attitude.

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Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City

Even though the two played best friends on the popular TV show, they reportedly completely ignored each other whenever they weren't filming together. Supposedly, the issues came down to Parker making more money than Cattrall and the rest of the cast.

Catrall was, obviously, less than thrilled. Once the show was over, and after the movie was completed, the two seemed to get along fine together. The feud was recently rekindled when Cattrall publicly bashed the film and claimed she would never reprise her role from the series.

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Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon, Community

Oh, the irony. In a show called Community, there was absolutely no sense of community to be found amongst the actors once the cameras stopped filming. Show creator Dan Harmon and actor Chevy Chase often fought over the direction of the show and Chase's character, Pierce Hawthorne.

These fights resulted in Chase walking off the set more than once and raised tensions amongst the cast and crew. By the end of season three, Harmon was fired which was paramount to ending the series altogether. The fourth season was widely considered a disaster without Harmon, and by season five, Harmon was back, but Chase left before season four ended.

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Jason Alexander and Heidi Swedberg, Seinfeld

Seinfeld was a show that loved having characters that were both engaging and interesting but also annoying to the point you thought about turning the show-off. Susan, George's on-again-off-again girlfriend, played by Swedberg, was one of these characters.

Fans were surprised by Swedberg's sudden departure in season seven, but Alexander later revealed it was because Swedberg was almost impossible to work with. Alexander hated doing scenes with due to her work habits and asked that she be written off the show.

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Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives makes a reappearance, which is honestly unsurprising considering the drama both on-screen and off. Hatcher was always said to be the loner of the group, and for some reason, felt particularly distant to Cross.

The two got into an argument after both Cross and Eva Longoria threatened to leave a photo shoot for Vanity Fair's cover in 2005 if they put Hatcher in the center.  This show was apparently full of feuds, but this was one of the ugliest. 

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, That '70s Show

This one, no doubt, comes as a shock to several of you, but it's the truth! Though now happily married, Kunis and Kutcher originally couldn't stand working together and would avoid each other on-set when they first worked together on That '70s Show.

Some people chalked it up to their six-year age gap as Kunis was 15 when they'd first met, while Kutcher was 21. Everything obviously worked out in the end as the two have been married since 2015. They also have two adorable children. 

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Vivian Vance and William Frawley, I Love Lucy

While Lucy and her husband Desi Arnaz played the iconic happy couple, Lucy and Ricky, their friends in the show Ethel and Fred Mertz (Vivian Vance and William Frawley, respectively) had trouble in paradise. The two actors were not on good terms from the very beginning.

Vance immediately complained to Ball that Frawley was much too old to pay her husband with their 22-year age gap. Frawley overheard this complaint, and it only spiraled from there. The hatred never went away and only grew with every episode.

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Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair, Anger Management

Sheen makes our third repeat offender on this list, and he's definitely no stranger to controversy. Blair and Sheen played rival therapists turned lovers in the series until Blair was very suddenly dropped from the cast in the early part of the second season.

The sudden drop of Blair led many to believe it was Sheen's doing. Supposedly, Blair learned she was being fired from an angry text message from Sheen himself. Sheen obviously denied this.

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John Forsythe and Joan Collins, Dynasty

There was plenty of drama on-screen between Forsythe and Collins's characters Blake and Alexis, and it seems that drama followed them into their lives off-screen. Collins said that Forsythe never truly warmed up to her and kept her at arm's length during their time together.

Supposedly, Forsythe even went an entire season of the show without speaking to Collins outside of when they filmed together. That obviously didn't work well, and the show certainly suffered. 

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Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

Talk about awkward. Murray and Bush originally fell in love on the set of the show One Tree Hill, and they married after only a few months of dating. Though that happiness they found was short-lived, and they divorced within five months of their marriage.

They then continued to work together (at times, playing a couple) until Murray left the show in 2009. The animosity brought on by their marriage and subsequent divorce made things awkward on set, and the two actors couldn't stand each other.

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Kirk Cameron and Julie McCulloch, Growing Pains

A devout Christian actor and an ex-Playboy-model-turned-actress walk onto a set to play on-screen sweethearts. Sounds like the set up to a joke, but instead of a laugh, you get a lot of problems. Cameron played ladies man Mike Seaver in the show, opposite McCulloch's character Julie.

One thing leads to another (as it always does), and the two characters were looking at marriage in the show. Cameron wasn't happy with that. Cameron took issue with McCulloch's previous posing with Playboy and demanded that she be written out of the show. This action alienated Cameron from both McCulloch and other cast and crew members.

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William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek

Yes, I know, this one's surprising. Shatner makes his reappearance late on this list, this time facing down on-screen best friend Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock. Similarly to his story with Takei, Shatner wanted to be the ultimate star of the show, and Nimoy was in his way.

Shatner was known for stealing lines and being nothing short of controlling on set. Though, unlike with Takei, Nimoy and Shatner eventually reconnected in the wake of personal tragedies. Due to disagreements about a documentary Shatner was making, the two hadn't spoken in the five years leading up to Nimoy's death in 2015.

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Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife

You know things are really bad when co-stars won't even shoot their final scene together. Margulies and Panjabi did just that, having to be superimposed together in post-production because the two couldn't stand to even be in the same room as each other.

The animosity between the actresses took a close TV friendship that was adored by fans and destroyed it, and no one really knows why.  What we do know is that they didn't appear in episodes together (or at least not very often) following the release of the feud. 

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