25 Movies That Make Snowflakes Melt

Movies can make snowflakes melt. Today is a world of political correctness. You have to be careful what comes out of your mouth and your actions because someone could take it the wrong way. History shows us that it wasn’t always like this. America has a history of being a little offensive – okay, we’re sugar coating it. America can be pretty dang offensive to people of all genders, races, and ethnicities.

To learn about this, you could look in a history book. They show exactly how bad we’ve been in the past, but it may be more enjoyable to watch a movie or listen to music from our past. Movies, in particular, are perfect to learn about what was deemed “acceptable” in previous decades. In fact, some movies are so bad that they’re now considered socially unacceptable. This means that a large number of people (sometimes the majority) consider the content to be so offensive that some sort of action should be taken.

We’ve found 25 movies that fit this bill perfectly. They were made in the past, but their content would be extremely horrible if the film were released today. In fact, some of these films wouldn’t get far because the plot is so offensive. What do you think about our choices?

Just as a note, we won’t be adding movies that are from the really early 1900s unless they’re particularly bad. Many of the films during this time period can be deemed offensive. We’re focusing on films where society definitely knew better, but Hollywood decided to do it anyway.

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