25 Weirdest "As Seen On TV" Products

“As Seen On TV” commercials are almost as bad as the product they sell, and the commercials are always the same. The commercials start in black and white. You’ll see someone, usually in a kitchen, spilling and making messes that no human would ever make. These people live sad, unlucky lives. Well, until the product is introduced. The person sees color, and their luck drastically changes. Then you’ll have someone come in wearing a polo with the company’s logo embroidered on it. They will introduce themselves and then yell at you. They’ll yell the entire time and talk quicker than we knew was possible. Then, at the end of the commercial, they’ll offer to double your order, but only if you call now.

These ads and the products they sell are the some of the most mind-boggling parts of our culture. We see these commercials and can’t help but be baffled by the fact that somebody somewhere thought the product was a good idea to make. They may have legitimately thought there was a need for their product, but more than likely, they just wanted to make a quick buck.

Somehow, those terrible commercials work. People make a lot of money with “As Seen On Tv” Products, so we continue to see more and more of them every year. Maybe people are convinced they have to buy the advertised product because they can’t in stores. Maybe they think they are actually getting a two-for-one deal. Maybe they are just looking to fill a void in their life. Either way, people are spending money on really dumb products.

Out of all of the dumbest “As Seen On Tv” products, these are the worst. Let us know if we missed any!

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