28 Celebrities Who Are Notorious Cradle Robbers

When you date, there are a lot of considerations you take into account. The first thing is usually their personality or how they look. There’s nothing wrong with that because it’s a huge thing. If you’re not attracted to your partner or compatible, then having a long-lasting relationship will be pretty tough even if you both try really hard. The next thing people often take into account is age. When you’re younger, the age gap is usually pretty small. Many people date within a few years of their actual age, but as you grow older, age becomes less of a concern. It isn’t odd for someone to date another that’s 10 years younger than them.

However, some people date others with a pretty significant age gap. We’re talking about when the person is nearly half their age. One of the things we’ve noticed is that celebs do this a lot – and we mean a lot! It isn’t unusual for a famous person to date another that’s 25 when they’re pushing 50!

Granted, we’re not here to say who you can and cannot love. That’s not our thing. What we do want to point out is that some celebs have dated younger people more than once. It isn’t like we don’t notice what they’re doing, and Hollywood has taken note of their cradle robbing behavior. Here are some celebs that genuinely think that age is just a number.

What do you think about people who date others that are significantly younger than them?

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