30 Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses of All Time

Saying “Yes” to the dress is almost as important as the big day itself. You may only wear it once, but the right wedding dress can be timeless. Throughout the years, styles have changed, and we’ve seen some of our favorite celebrities rock some great dresses. While some are best left forgotten, others live on as some of the best wedding dresses of all time. In some cases, the dress lasts longer than the marriage.

Whether it’s a wedding for a royal or a supermodel, celebrity brides stun in their own unique and personal way -- usually with the help of a designer. Some brides accessorize with a veil and others with diamonds. Not all brides go for the traditional white wedding dress or princess look. Even the rich and famous like to go casual and barefoot on the beach!

Simple, romantic, elegant, traditional, mermaid, A-line, ball gown, white, ivory, pink, or purple -- whatever the look, style, or color of gown one thing is for sure these brides know how to leave their mark on bridal fashion history. We may not have been invited to the weddings, but we’re lucky enough to see the pictures of their big day and what they wore. Here’s a look at some of the best all-time celebrity wedding dresses:

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