30 Best Movie Sequels of All Time

Movie sequels are a financially sound bet since they already have a built-in fan base from the original. However, audiences aren’t dumb and know that they can go a few ways. Sequels can go really, really badly. We all know movies that had sequels that didn’t live up to their potential, either because actors or directors didn’t come back or because the script was thrown together as a shameless cash grab.

Sometimes, they’re just alright. Not absolutely horrible, but not better than the original either. These movies are fine to watch if they come on television as background noise—at best.

However, there are some that buck the negative cash-grab trend and end up being just as good (if not better!) than the original films they follow. Being movie buffs, we made a list of the 30 best sequels that actually improved a franchise.  

From classic westerns to modern-day thrillers, the movies on this list are known for combining familiar elements that the audience loved, with fresh, innovative twists that helped keep the franchise alive. Here are the best movie sequels of all time!

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