30 Books You Read in School That Are Banned Now

Banned books week is celebrated in schools all over the country. Banned books week started after a sudden jump in the number of challenged/banned books in 1982. It was created to celebrate the freedom to read and normally takes place in the last week of September.

There are several reasons that books can be banned, ranging from inappropriate language to political bias. Though some books are simply removed from curriculums of younger students, some are removed completely from libraries due to challenges put forth by their members. However, there is a difference in banning a book because it is inappropriate for younger audiences and banning a classic simply because you don’t agree with one aspect or another about it.

But something interesting to think about is that a book’s banned status does not take into consideration the age demographic for which the book was intended. It’s absolutely true that Of Mice and Men is not appropriate in elementary schools, but can the same be said for high school seniors who are about to be launched into the big and scary world? At what age do classics like The Outsiders and Great Gatsby become appropriate?

I’m sure you read some of these books and you turned out just fine, right? Here are 30 books you read in school that are banned now.

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