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30 Celebrities Who Insured Their Most Important Body Parts

Heidi Klum (Legs)

As strange as insuring any body part is, it’s not that unusual to think that a supermodel like Heidi Klum would insure her legs for $2 million. At least she made a smart investment. 

The strangest about this already-strange situation, though, is that both of her legs aren’t equally valuable. In an interview, she revealed that her left leg is cheaper because it has a scar. 

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America Ferrera (Smile)

Her teeth might have been covered in braces for her hit role in Ugly Betty, but in real life, America Ferrera has a $10 million dollar smile. Literally. 

It was revealed in 2007 that Aquafresh had insured the star’s pearly whites for that hefty sum of money after she starred in an ad campaign. And as with all bizarre things that get insured, this deal was done by Lloyd’s of London. 

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Keith Richards (Hands)

Keith Richards allegedly has a guitar collection of more than 3,000 instruments, so you’d think he’d spend his money insuring those. But instead, it’s his hands that are worth the big bucks. 

It was revealed that Lloyd’s of London was insuring them for a hefty $1.6 million. We obviously don’t want him to lose his hands, but at this point, the Rolling Stones rock legend would probably do just fine financially without this policy. 

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David Beckham (Legs & Face)

David Beckham is both a soccer star and a model, so he decided to cover all his bases and get his face and legs insured for roughly $200 million. 

Granted, this was when he was at the peak of his career. But we suspect that those body parts are still probably worth more than most people’s. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo (Legs)

Real Madrid had to pay a pretty penny to transfer soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo from his old team, Manchester United. So it makes sense that they would want to protect their investment. 

So, in 2009, the soccer team took out a $144 million insurance policy on Ronaldo’s legs. We’re not sure what exactly would happen if the rest of him got hurt, though. 

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Bruce Springsteen (Voice)

People have been talking about Bruce Springteen’s voice insurance since the '80s, which is reportedly worth $3.5 million. 

But honestly, we thought the Boss would be worth more than that. $3.5 million is practically chump change compared to his estimated $60.5 million net worth. 

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Holly Madison (Chest)

Holly Madison got her start as a Playboy Bunny, so it’s not hard to guess which part of her body she got insured for $1 million. 

But she wasn’t trying to be crass--she was just trying to make a smart investment. In 2011, she told People magazine, “If anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars.” 

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Adam Lambert (Voice)

Reality show loser (and alleged singer) Adam Lambert insured his voice for a mind-numbing $48 million dollars, which is more than what Bruce Springsteen allegedly insured his for. 

If all of this sounds wrong, it’s because it is. In what universe is Lambert worth more than the Boss? In what universe would a company ever insure a voice for $48 million, regardless of the existence of Bruce Springsteen?  

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Rihanna (Legs)

If I were Rihanna, I probably would have insured my voice instead of my legs, but hey, it’s her money to waste. 

After winning a leg-based award from Gillette (which is weird enough), the singer took out an insurance policy on her legs for $1 million. 

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Jennifer Lopez (Butt)

Jennifer Lopez got her butt insured. Color us surprised. And while there are plenty of Hollywood know-nothings with butt insurance these days, apparently J-Lo was the one to start that trend. 

While this ridiculous insurance policy isn’t all that shocking, the price tag is—$27 million. Even for celebrity body parts, that’s steep. 

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Jeff Beck (Fingers)

Jeff Beck is an English guitarist with a world-class reputation. His biggest claim to fame was playing in the rock band, The Yardbirds. And after a close call, he decided to get his most important asset—his fingers—insured. 

Apparently Beck had a nasty run-in with a kitchen knife that led to him accidentally chopping off the tip of his left index finger. While surgery saved him that time, he didn’t want to take any more chances and got his fingers insured for $1 million each. 

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Dolly Parton (Chest)

Dolly Parton is a country music legend, but a good voice isn’t the only asset she’s working with, if you know what I mean. So, it should come as no surprise that she eventually got her breasts insured. 

What makes this case interesting is that they weren’t a package deal—she has both individually insured for $300,000 each. 

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Egon Ronay (Tongue)

Egon Ronay might not sound familiar to most of us, but he’s a big deal in the British culinary world. His guide to British restaurants launched the careers of several now-famous chefs, including Gordon Ramsay. 

So, it makes (a little) sense that he would insure his tastebuds—which is exactly what he did, for a total of $400,000. 

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Julia Roberts (Smile)

When you’ve got a smile as famous as Julia Roberts, you do what it takes to keep those pearly whites as pearly white as possible. You might think she would invest in a world-class dentist, but instead, she invested in a world-class insurance policy. 

$30 million might seem like a lot for smile insurance, and that’s because it is. I wouldn’t pay $30 million for an entire human, much less a few celebrity teeth. 

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Kylie Minogue (Butt)

Australian singer Kylie Minogue is known for her high-energy live performances that feature more than just a little butt shaking. So naturally, she took out a $5 million insurance policy to ensure that derriere is bringing in the bucks one way or another. 

With a plan like that, she very well may have the most valuable bum on the planet. Which is an accomplishment, I guess? 

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Daniel Craig (Entire Body)

Daniel Craig took the “smart” route when it comes to frivolous insurance policies--he covered everything from head to toe. 

The James Bond star allegedly has a $9.5 million policy that covers him from head to toe. You never know when your bellybutton or earwax are going to skyrocket to stardom, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

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Mariah Carey (Legs)

Mariah Carey allegedly has an insurance plan for her legs worth a jaw-dropping $1 billion. It was created shortly after she starred in an ad campaign for Gillette. 

I’m sorry, but this is just getting ridiculous at this point. At her peak, she MAYBE could have been worth a billion from head to toe. But a couple of aging legs that I’m assuming are probably as unpleasant and egotistical as the person they’re attached to? No way. 

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Jamie Lee Curtis (Legs)

Before any Jamie Lee Curtis fans out there (myself included) die from shock and disappointment that she would do something so frivolous and dumb as insuring her legs, there is some solace in this strange story. 

It wasn’t Curtis herself who took out the $1 million policy. Instead, it was L’eggs, a pantyhose company, who did after Curtis starred in an ad campaign for them. 

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Gene Simmons (Tongue)

I’m not even really much of a KISS fan, but when it comes to Gene Simmons insuring his tongue—hey, I get it. 

The KISS bass player allegedly has a $1 million insurance policy for his extra-long tongue that has tantalized some and horrified others. But considering its fame, $1 million honestly sounds a little low.   


Taylor Swift (Legs)

Taylor Swift once again proves that celebrities can’t even get something as dumb as body part insurance right. While the obvious choice would be to insure her voice, the superstar instead chose to insure her legs. 

While a $40 million policy for voice insurance is objectively ridiculous, a $40 million policy for Swift’s legs is even more absurd. She’s a good-looking woman, but no one is buying her albums for her legs. 

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Merv Hughes (Mustache)

Australian cricket player Merv Hughes might not be a household name, but he’s definitely got the best (or at least the funniest) body part insurance. 

Aside from being a cricketer, Hughes is probably most well-known for his handlebar mustache. And when he was at the peak of his cricket career in the '80s, he had the ‘stache insured for $370,000. Because as we all know, damage to a non-essential body part that quickly regrows itself would be devastating to anyone. 

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Jimmy Durante (Nose)

Jimmy Durante was a jack-of-all-trades entertainer in the '20s, '30s, and '40s. And while he may have fallen into the trap of body part insurance, he at least had a sense of humor about it. 

Durante had his nose insured for $50,000 not because it was a work of art, but because of the opposite—it was abnormally big and Durante frequently made self-deprecating jokes about it during his performances. He was more than comfortable with the way he looked and more than comfortable to make money off his appearance. 

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Kim Kardashian (Butt)

If anyone in the world should have butt insurance, it should be Kim Kardashian. At this point, she’s a lost cause in terms of being a benefit to the world, so why not let her have her fun? 

Interestingly, it wasn’t Kardashian herself who wanted a $21 million insurance policy on her backside. Instead, it was her husband, Kanye West, who proposed the idea. 

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Tina Turner (Legs)

Tina Turner’s legs are famous, and Hanes knew that when they approached her to be a spokesperson for their hosiery line in the '90s. And like a lot of companies who use celebrity spokespeople, they wanted insurance on their investment. So, they took out a $3.2 million policy on her legs. 

Allegedly. According to Turner, it’s not just her legs that are insured--it’s her entire body. The world may never know the truth, but thankfully, the world doesn’t really care that much about this, either. 

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Papa John (Hands)

“Papa” John Schnatter founded the pizza chain Papa John's and was its CEO until 2018. That’s not an accomplishment to scoff at, but what happened next makes no sense. 

If you were the purveyor of a wildly successful national pizza chain, what would make the most sense to insure? If you said your hands, congrats, you’re just as clueless as Schnatter. He was convinced that his literal hands (and not the work they did) were essential to the success of Papa Johns, so he had them insured for $15 million. 

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Brooke Shields (Legs)

Brooke Shields has been a Hollywood staple for decades. And if there’s one thing she’s known for besides her impressive resume, it’s her legs. 

If anyone with body part insurance deserves and needs it, it’s her. And luckily, she can sleep safe knowing that her legs are insured for a cool million. 

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Betty Grable (Legs)

Body part insurance might seem like a modern trend, but but it’s been going on for years in Hollywood. Just ask Betty Grable. 

Grable did a little bit of everything during her time as a '40s starlet, and she knew that her legs played a big role in her success. That’s why she allegedly insured them for $1 million. 

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Michael Flatley (Feet)

Even the Lord of the Dance himself needs a little peace of mind when it comes to his most important assets. That’s why it’s no surprise he took out a $51 million policy on his lightning-fast feet. 

When asked about it, Flatley said it was purely a practical decision. He knew his feet couldn’t do those amazing things forever, so he planned ahead for when the music inevitably stopped. 

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Bette Davis (Waist)

Sure, Bette Davis may have been one of the biggest actresses during Hollywood’s Golden Era, but everyone seemed to talk about her waist just as much (if not more) than her career. And Davis was no dummy—she knew that her impossibly slender waist was a money maker. 

While $28,000 for a waist insurance policy wouldn’t seem that much by today’s standards, it would actually be closer to $2 million had she taken it out in the modern era. 

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Ben Turpin (Eyes)

If you’re not familiar with Ben Turpin, it’s probably because he was a silent movie star who died in the '40s. But even back then, celebs were insuring body parts for what was (at the time) hefty sums of money. 

A quick glance at Turpin makes it abundantly clear that his eyes were a little “off.” But that’s exactly how the star wanted them; they were what made him famous. So, he had them insured for $25,000 in the event that they ever uncrossed. 

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