30 Cities That Should Have an MLB Team

In the last 20 years, Major League Baseball has resisted the urge to expand and add teams. However, we’re hoping that changes. While much of the country loves football, some of us want to see baseball steal the bases again.

MLB has grown quite a bit with its 30 teams. In 2018 alone, the industry made record revenues of $10.3 billion. While that may not be as much as the NFL, it still obviously has a strong fanbase. However, some teams are a little too far away for people to catch games. Plus, there’s just a certain amount of pride when you have a team that calls your city home, isn’t there?

We’re thinking that if the MLB wants to expand again, they should pick some of these cities. We don’t expect them to drop a team in all of them, but one or two would be pretty great.

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