30 Foods with Deceptive Names

Have you ever gone to order something at a restaurant with an interesting name, but stopped because you didn’t know what’s in it? Maybe you saw a cooking show on TV, and the chef pulled out a weird ingredient that looked nothing like you expected. Food names can be pretty misleading, and that can lead some serious confusion when you’re trying to grab something to eat. This goes double when you consider some regional dishes that have…well, saying interesting names doesn’t do it justice.

Most of the times, these strange names come from someone that thought the food looked like something. Other times, they’re a serious misnomer, like Canadian Bacon (which you’ll learn about in this slideshow).

Knowing about these foods can be pretty important, especially if you run into them every now and then. Not knowing could lead to some seriously disgusting culinary mishaps if you’re not careful. None of us want to order Rocky Mountain Oysters thinking we’re going to get some delicious seafood.  These are 30 foods that are designed to trick our taste buds and confuse our brains. We’re happy to tell you about them so you don’t end up bamboozled.

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