30 Gross Foods Only Baby Boomers Still Think Are Cool

There’s lots of things that millennials like to blame Baby Boomers for, and nasty foods are the cherry on top of an unfortunate list. Due to the “boom” of babies born post-WWII, the meals characterizing American households were cheap, frozen, and easily prepared. More children equaled less time to cook, which skyrocketed pre-packaged meals into common use.

With Boomers growing older, the foods they were raised on are declining in popularity. And with the constant push-and-pull of intergenerational strife, Boomers are clinging to their beloved childhood meals as if they’re the only foods worth considering. Unfortunately, their judgment has stalled since the war, and we’ve produced a list of the 30 grossest foods that only baby boomers still appreciate.

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Did you know...

  • In the summer of 2007, Joh Hamm became a household name when Mad Men premiered to critical acclaim and strong ratings. Just over a year and a half later, Ellie Kemper stole America's hearts (and Dwight's and Andy's) when she became the new receptionist on The Office. Before they were famous, Hamm was Kemper's high school drama teacher!
  • While attending the Grammys in February 2000, Jennifer Lopez stepped out in a green Versace dress that instantly became a phenomenon. The barely-there ensemble had a dramatically low cut that came below JLo’s belly button. It became such a talking point that it was Google’s most popular search query up to that point, and it spurred the company to include images into search results. It became the motivation for Google Images.
  • Jackie Kennedy is famous for redecorating and renovating the interior of the White House. Actually, on just her first day, she ordered $50,000 in changes for new rooms for the children and upgrades to the kitchen. She later hosted a tour of the White House for CBS News which was viewed by 56 million people and won her an Emmy Award.
  • Jennifer Aniston's star-defining role on friends started a hair craze in the 90s that even lasted into the early 2000s. Called "The Rachel," Aniston's shoulder-length haircut had grown-out bangs and highlights styled to perfection. A hairdresser in Detroit noted that at the peak of its popularity, 40% of her business was devoted to recreating "The Rachel." Too bad that it was notoriously difficult to maintain on your own at home.
  • Paris Hilton not only lives in a mansion, she also built a doghouse mansion for her Chihuahua. It's 300 square feet and includes air conditioning and heating. It comes decked out with designer furniture, a chandelier, a pink paint job, second-floor balcony, and enclosed "yard." It's not enough for you to live in luxury. Your dog must, as well.