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30 Hilarious Signs from Sporting Events

Sorry UofA, but they do kinda have a point...

Puns are the best way to show your support.

Sometimes the best displays of teamwork are off the field.

There's nothing like a baseball game to bring family together...

They're a real modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

Insulting the refs is always the best way to get them on your side.

Star Wars and sports go together better than you might think.

You know he's just going to buy it for her anyways...

Touche. But also--they wish!

Here's a man who understands the true meaning of sports.

Unsure when this was taken, but the message is timeless.

Fear is humanity's biggest motivator.

At least he's honest...

Just do what the man says--he clearly means business.

A) No it's not. B) You're just asking for trouble.

Sage advice from the peanut gallery...

This was almost more trouble than it's worth. Almost.

Mom has her priorities straight.

Somebody point this poor guy in the right direction.

One of these things is not like the others...

A long setup, but the payoff was worth it.

Deflategate feels like forever ago...

He's saying what everyone there is thinking.

A sign with an important lesson--that dad is a jerk!

He might have cramps, but he's also got millions. You have...a sign.

Is this supposed to be depressing or inspiring?

Brutal? Check. Hilarious? Also check.

Too cheap...or too smart?

That's true dedication.

Here's one fan with a history lesson for younger generations.