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30 Most Expensive (and Ridiculous) Celebrity Purchases of All Time

Kendall Jenner (A $52,000 Sofa)

Furniture tends to be on the pricey side, but Kendall Jenner (of Kardashian "fame") took sofa shopping to a whole new and expensive level. 

In 2016, she spent a whopping $52,000 on a sofa for her home. If that wasn't bad enough, the sofa wasn't so much a sofa as it was a pile of giant yarn. Called the "Boa", this avant garde piece was definitely not worth the cost--you could probably recreate the thing yourself by dumpster diving behind the fabric store. 


Miley Cyrus ($24,000 Hair Extensions)

Miley Cyrus' hair has gone through a lot of ups and downs through the years, but her locks were never more luxe than when she dropped $24,000 for hair extensions. 

The extensions, which were flown all the way from Italy, were of the highest quality and were professionally dyed to match her hair color perfectly. It says a lot about Miley that doing this (which is objectively crazy) is quite possibly the least crazy thing she's done during her career. 


Kelly Rowland (A $5,200 Bath Tub)

What do you buy the child who has everything? Apparently, a jewel-encrusted bathtub, if you ask Kelly Rowland. 

When her former Destiny's Child pal Beyonce gave birth to her child Blue Ivy, Rowland bought her a blingy bathtub. It's not the most traditional gift for a child, but how do you say no to something covered in Swarovski crystals? 


Rachel Hunter (A $30,000 Dog House)

Like most of us, model Rachel Hunter wanted the best for her pets. But unlike most of us, Hunter is also rolling in money. That combo naturally led her to commission a custom mini-mansion for her dogs. 

Created by famed doghouse architects La Petit Maison, the abode came complete with windowsills and fresh flowers. Considering the price, I wouldn't blame Hunter if she kicked the dogs out and claimed it as her own. 


Daniel Radcliffe (A $17,000 Mattress)

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is not known for his conspicuous consumption, but he sure got some attention when he dropped almost $20,000 for a mattress. 

Of all the crazy purchases on this list, a fancy mattress actually makes the most sense. There's nothing like a good night's sleep, after all. 


Jay-Z (A $55 Million Horse)

Race horses are serious business and cost serious money. Just ask Jay-Z, who spent a staggering $55 million to purchase California Chrome, a Kentucky Derby-winning horse. 

A racehorse with a good track record can be a good investment, but $55 million is pushing. For that kind of money, the horse better talk...and fly. 


Beyonce ($100,000 Leggings)

This is one pair of leggings that you don't want to get a hole in. For the 2007 BET Awards, Beyonce dropped a cool $100k for a pair of gold Balenciaga leggings. 

For some people, $100,000 would pay of their mortgage. But for the ultra rich, $100k will barely get you enough fabric to cover your butt. 


Akon (A Diamond Mine)

For whatever reason, celebrities are obsessed with shiny things that come out of the ground. So it shouldn't be that surprising (although it is ridiculous) that musician Akon bought a South African diamond mine for an undisclosed amount of money. 

Even if we can't put a specific price tag on it, this was obviously an investment that cost an arm and a leg. But that's no problem for Akon--he can just borrow one or two from the people maimed while mining his blood diamonds. 


Victoria Beckham (A $33,000 iPhone)

If you thought smartphone prices were ridiculous today, just remember that in 2011 Victoria Beckham dropped $33,000 for a gold-plated iPhone 4. 

Obviously this was a special edition--it was made by designer Stuart Hughes, who's known for slapping a gold cover on all sorts of ridiculous products. But just because Beckham is rich doesn't mean she's superhuman. You know she cracked and scuffed that phone just like all of us do, but at least we don't waste $33k when we drop ours!


Bono (A $1500 Plane Ticket)

I know what you're thinking--what's so weird about a $1500 plane ticket? It's pricey, but not exactly excessive. Well, the plane ticket is only half the story. 

What makes this purchase particularly ridiculous is that he bought the ticket for his hat. In 2003, Bono was touring in Italy when he realized he left his hat in London. But instead of having it mailed, buying a new hat, or, you know, just surviving without one, he bought a first-class ticket and had it flown to him. 


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West ($750,000 Toilets)

There's not even any need to criticize this purchase--gold-plated toilets make fun of themselves. And how apt that they would be purchased by America's favorite human toilets. 

Gold toilets might look dazzling (depending on who you ask), but one thing is for sure--those things are ice cold when you have to sit down on them. 


Katy Perry (A $200,000 Ticket to Space)

Although they are a a couple no longer, at one point, singer Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand were in love and buying one another extravagant gifts like celebrities are wont to do. And for his birthday in 2010, Perry bought Brand a ticket to the vacation of a lifetime--a $200,000 trip to space. 

The trip was organized by Richard Branson of Virgin fame, because of course--who else is orchestrating private space travel? Apparently Brand has yet to actually take the trip, and if I were Katy Perry, I'd officially rescind the gift at this point and use it myself! 


Celine Dion (A $2 Million Humidifier)

Celine Dion's voice is her money maker, and she is completely invested in keeping her pipes in working order. That's probably why she bought a $2 million humidifier to use in her Las Vegas shows. 

We're not exactly sure what a $2 million humidifier does that a normal one doesn't, but Dion wasn't taking any chances in the dry desert air. Plus, when you're Celine Dion, you have millions to spare, so why not? 


Steven Spielberg (A $60,000 Sled)

Is Steven Spielberg simply a huge fan of the snow? It would seem like that, considering he bought a $60,000 sled. But this story is actually a little more complicated than that. 

He didn't buy just any sled--he bought one of the prop sleds from the iconic movie Citizen Kane. That makes a little more sense for a filmmaker, and honestly, $60,000 doesn't seem like much for a piece of film history. 


Johnny Depp (A $3.6 Million Island)

Buying a private island is sort of a stereotype of the super rich, and Johnny Depp lived up to that stereotype when he bought Little Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas for $3.6 million dollars. 

We're not sure why he would need a private island in the Bahamas, but considering that it's Johnny Depp, it's probably pretty weird. 


Jamie Foxx (A $18,000 Crocodile Jacket)

Jamie Foxx might be famous enough to afford a crocodile jacket that's almost $20k, but he's also normal enough to realize what a dumb purchase it was. 

According to an interview, Foxx said he ended up buying the jacket after being pressured by some attractive women but that he hates it and it doesn't even fit well. At least it was made out of crocodile and not some cute animal. 


Justin Bieber (A $100,000 Batmobile)

Whether it's because of his superstardom or his personality, Justin Bieber is not exactly a relatable guy. But, paradoxically, his extravagant purchase is probably the most relatable thing he's ever done. 

And why is that? Because he bought a custom Batmobile. With superhero mania at an all-time high in our society, you better believe a lot of people would drop $100k for that, if only they had the money. 


Lady Gaga (A $50,000 Ghost Detector)

Even by celebrity standards, shelling out $50k for a "ghost detector" (or an electromagnetic field meter, if you don't want to be cynical) is ridiculous. And of course, leave it to Lady Gaga to make this purchase. 

In 2010, the bizarre pop princess was a little worried that her house might be haunted. So she shelled out $50,000 for the EMF meter--and that didn't even include the price of the ghost hunters that came along with it! The only thing haunting about this scenario is the price tag. 


Angelina Jolie (A $1.6 Million Helicopter)

Although no longer together, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were once a thing. And as is the tradition with celebrity couples, they bought each other extravagant, pointless gifts--like the time Jolie bought Pitt flying lessons and his own private helicopter. 

It may have been an expensive gift, but it missed the mark by celebrity standards. Why fly your own helicopter when you're rich enough to have someone fly you around in it instead? 


Nicolas Cage (A $276,000 Dinosaur Bone)

We have no idea why Nicolas Cage would want a tyrannosaurus skull, but it's best to not ask questions when it comes to this enigmatic man. All we know is that he purchased one in the 2000s for just over $275,000 dollars. 

However, the story gets stranger. Several years later it was discovered that the skull was actually stolen and not meant to be sold. And Cage, being the heartwarming chump he is, gave it back to the rightful owner! I thought the whole point of being a celebrity was that you're above society's rules? 


Mike Tyson ($140,000 Tigers)

It's shocking to know that anyone owns wild tigers, but if had to be someone, it was obviously going to be Mike Tyson. If that wasn't crazy enough, Tyson apparently bought the tigers while he was in prison in the 90s. 

If the $140,000 price tag wasn't already extremely high enough for you, it apparently cost upwards of $200,000 annually to keep them fed and housed. Recently during an interview, Tyson revealed that he had to get rid of his favorite tiger, Kenya, after she "ripped somebody's arm off." 


Kim Basinger (A $20 Million Town)

If you're smart and have money to spend, you put it in real estate. Kim Basinger took that to a whole new crazy level when she and a few others ultra-rich investors paid $20 million to buy the Georgia town of Braselton. 

Basinger had dreams of turning the town into a tourist hotspot, but those plans never came to fruition. The town was sold off when Basinger declared bankruptcy in 1995. I wonder what could have caused all her money problems? 


Michael Jackson ($47.5 Million Beatles' Catalog)

Oh for the days when the weirdest thing Michael Jackson did was spend millions securing the rights to the Beatles discography...

It didn't end up being the thing that would ultimately define the King of Pop, but when he purchased the rights in 1985, it definitely made waves. The really bizarre thing is that he and Paul McCartney were close before he stabbed him in the back. 


Amanda Seyfried (A Taxidermied Horse)

Stuffing a beloved pet or a hunting trophy might be a little strange, but it's understandable. Purchasing a taxidermied horse on a whim? That's downright bizarre. 

And that's exactly what Amanda Seyfried did. While shooting on location in London, Seyfried happened to find herself in a store where the horse was being sold. We don't know the exact price, but it's estimated to have cost thousands. 


LeBron James (A $100,000 Bar Tab)

At least if you go out and waste your money on a gold toilet or a dead horse you have something to show for it. LeBron James wasn't as lucky with his $100k purchase. 

Apparently during a trip to Las Vegas, the basketball star managed to rack up a $100,000 bar tab--mostly thanks to the 33 bottles of Cristal he just "had" to have. 


Jessica Simpson (A $100,000 Boat)

If you're going to spend ridiculous sums of money, at least do it on yourself! That's a lesson that Jessica Simpson learned the hard way. 

While she was dating football player Tony Romo, she apparently bought him a motorboat worth $100,000. The couple broke up only a few months after this. Apparently sailing and Simpsons just weren't his style. 


Blue Ivy Carter (An $80,000 Barbie Doll)

There's no amount a parent won't spend to make their child happy. If you're lucky enough for your parents to be Beyonce and Jay-Z, they actually have the cash to put their money where their mouth is. 

To celebrate her first birthday, the supercouple bought their daughter, Blue Ivy, a diamond-encrusted Barbie doll for $80,000. At least save the extravagant gifts for when kids are old enough to actually enjoy them! 


Tom Cruise (A $200,000 Sonogram Machine)

There's nothing about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes relationship that wasn't extravagant and insane. And that includes the birth of their daughter, Suri. 

Whether he lost his mind to the power of Xenu or money, Cruise decided they needed their own, personal $200k sonogram machine in the home while Holmes was pregnant. I'm sure that will be a mortifying story for Suri when she's older. 


Bill Gates (A $31 Million Dollar Journal)

I was under the assumption that the only good reason to read someone's diary is for all the juicy dirt. But I guess I would make an exception for da Vinci's journal--and apparently Bill Gates agreed. The billionaire philanthropist paid a whopping $31 million to take possession of it. 

Ever the nice guy, though, Gates quickly got to work digitizing the document and sharing it with the rest of humanity for a much more reasonable $30. 


Madonna ($10,000 Water)

When you're as famous and spiritual as Madonna, plain ole drinking water just isn't going to cut it. That's why it was reported that the star was spending up to $10,000 a month on "Kabbalah blessed" bottles of water. 

We're not entirely sure what Kabbalah water even is, but it's clearly a part of the very ancient religious tradition of duping gullible celebrities out of their money.