30 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

30 most expensive celebrity divorces.  Divorce is one of the hardest things anyone can go through, especially if it happens in the public eye. With breakups being sad enough already, it’s all too easy to imagine the pain celebrities go through when they get divorced. One second they’re on top of the world and are an iconic power couple, the envy of people everywhere, and the next moment they’re the perfect example of how far someone can fall.

Other than being emotionally hard to deal with, celebrity divorces get an extra dose of pain and embarrassment because it’s happening on screen and is featured in magazines. Every mistake, mean word, and secret comes out and is put on display for the whole world to look at and judge. As great as being rich and famous can be, it also has its downfalls when things like a nasty divorce happen.

Another reason celebrity divorces are more difficult is that there’s often a huge amount of money and assets to be fought over, as well as dramatic custody battles. The average cost of divorce ranges from about $15,00 to $30,000, and celebrity divorces often exceed this by a considerable amount.

Ranging from thousands of dollars in monthly spousal and child support, all the way up to billions of dollars in settlements, many celebrities have shelled out massive amounts of money to get away from their ex once and for all. To show just how costly these breakups can be, we’ve compiled a list of the most expensive celebrity divorces from around the world. Keep reading to find out just how much a celebrity divorce can cost!

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