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31 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Kim Basinger & Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is an American actor, writer, producer, and comedian. Baldwin met his ex-wife, actress and model Kim Basinger, on the set of The Marrying Man and got married in 1993. Baldwin had anger issues, though, and often took it out on Basinger, sometimes publicly.

As a result, the couple separated in 2000 and divorced in 2002, leading to a seven-year custody battle. All in all, the divorce cost the couple almost $3 million in legal costs.

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Amber Heard & Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an actor, producer, and musician. His ex-wife, Amber Heard, is an actress and model. Heard brought forth domestic abuse charges that ended their two-year marriage in 2016.

Despite developments that cast doubt on the validity of Heard’s claims, the relationship ended with a divorce that cost Depp a massive $7 million.

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Lionel Richie & Diane Alexander

Lionel Richie is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and record producer. Diane Alexander was Richie’s second wife and was actually the reason for Richie’s first divorce. His first wife, Brenda Harvey, found Richie and Alexander together, ending an 18-year marriage.

Richie and Alexander were married in 1995, had two kids together, and then spent $20 million dollars on their divorce in 2003. The paperwork cited "irreconcilable differences," but Richie said himself that his busy work schedule was the downfall of his marriage. 

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Paul McCartney & Heather Mills

Paul McCartney is an iconic English singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and composer who found fame as the bass guitarist and singer for the Beatles. Heather Mills, is a British media personality, businesswoman, and activist who was married to McCartney for six years.

Mills cited the reason for their split as a result of McCartney’s “evil” and “jealous” daughter, who Mills claimed tried to ruin her marriage. After $48.6 million, the divorce was finalized in 2008.

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Mel Gibson & Robyn Moore

Mel Gibson is a well-known American actor and filmmaker, famous for roles in movies like Lethal Weapon and Braveheart. He and Robyn Moore, his ex-wife, were married for 26 years and had six children together. Moore filed for a divorce in 2009, citing "irreconcilable differences."

The couple had one of Hollywood’s most expensive divorces of all time, with costs totaling $425 million.

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Donald Trump & Ivana Zelnícková

Donald Trump is a businessman, television personality, and 45th president of the United States. Trump has been married three times, but his first marriage has been his longest—so far. Ivana Zelnícková was his first wife and was a Czech model.

They had three children together and divorced in 1992 after almost 16 years because Trump was having an affair with actress Marla Maples, who would become his next wife. The divorce cost the socialite couple a whopping $25 million—and they were both remarried soon after.

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Robert Johnson & Sheila Crump

Robert Johnson and Sheila Crump are co-founders of the popular American TV channel BET (Black Entertainment Television). The couple was married for a whopping 33 years when they decided to separate in 2002. Crump became unhappy with the direction BET was heading, rumors began circulating about Johnson having affairs with staff members, and then Johnson fired Crump from their company.

These events led to the couple splitting up. After $400 million, the couple was divorced and went their separate ways, and they’re both happily married to other people now.

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Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer who ranks second in major championships, PGA Tour wins, and has many records in golf. His whirlwind career was compromised when he was dealing with personal problems and injuries, including a cheating scandal.

His ex-wife, Elin Nordegren was a model before she married Woods. The six-year marriage ended as a result of Wood’s infidelity, and the couple spent a total of $100 million dollars on their separation.

Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison

Harrison Ford is a well-known American actor with five of his movies being on the list for the 30 top-grossing movies of all time. His ex-wife, Melissa Mathison, is a film and television screenwriter as well as a passionate activist.

Mathison filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences," but later reports mentioned Ford's moodiness and reclusive tendencies as being the reason.  In the end, it cost this Hollywood couple $118 million to end their relationship for good.

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James Cameron & Linda Hamilton

James Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker, environmentalist, and philanthropist who found success as a director in Hollywood. Linda Hamilton is an American actress who has been nominated for Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. Sadly, their relationship wasn't meant to last. 

Cameron's huge ego and affair with actress Suzy Amis led to their split. The couple was together for only two years and it cost them $50 million to get divorced.

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Jeff Bezos & MacKenzie Tuttle

You might recognize Jeff Bezos as being the CEO and founder of Amazon, but he’s also well-known for being a technology entrepreneur and philanthropist.  His ex-wife, MacKenzie, is a novelist and anti-bullying activist. The Enquirer made false claims about Bezos cheating on his wife, but the couple decided to split because they had grown apart as people. 

Their divorce cost a hefty $38 billion, making it the most expensive divorce on this list (and making MacKenzie the 4th-richest woman in the world).

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Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving

Steven Spielberg is known as one of the best filmmakers of all time and is considered one of the leaders in the New Hollywood era. Amy Irving is an actress, famous for her roles in Yentl, Traffic, and Carrie. The Hollywood power couple divorced as a result of strain from their professional careers but remained friends for the sake of their child.

Their divorce takes the spot for the third most expensive Hollywood divorce, costing the pair $100 million.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie

Madonna is one of the most iconic performers of all time, with numerous titles such as singer, dancer, actress, businesswoman, author, humanitarian, and more. Her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, is a director and screenwriter. This dynamic duo was only married for eight years and spent almost $92 million to get divorced.

After years of growing apart emotionally, their relationship couldn't handle Madonna's whirlwind career that always kept her away from home, and the pair had a nasty custody battle as a result. 

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Kelsey Grammer & Camille Donatacci

Allen Kelsey Grammar is an actor, comedian, producer, and activist. He and his third wife, model and dancer Camille Donatacci, met on a blind date and were married in 1997. They had one daughter, who was born to a surrogate. Unfortunately, it didn't last, and Donatacci felt like she wasn't loved or appreciated in their relationship. 

The 13-year marriage ended in 2010 due to "irreconcilable differences" and cost almost $30 million.

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Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva

Kevin Costner is an actor, director, and musician who is the proud winner of two Acadamy Awards, three Golden Globes, one Emmy, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. Costner met his first wife, Cindy Silva, in college. and the couple had three children together.

Rumors of Costner's womanizing habits, coupled with his crazy work schedule, led to a rift in the marriage. After 16 years, the couple called it quits and spent $80 million on their divorce.

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Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall

Mick Jagger is an English singer-songwriter, actor, and producer who became internationally famous as the lead singer of the Rolling Stones. Part of the star’s image was the iconic “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” lifestyle, which wasn’t good for his relationships. His second wife, Jerry Hall, was a model and actress, who bore the rock star four children.

Their 22-year long relationship and nine-year marriage. Due to Jagger’s infidelity, their marriage was declared invalid in 1999 and cost the icon almost $25 million.

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Kenny Rogers & Marianne Gordon

Kenny Rogers is an American singer-songwriter, actor, producer, entrepreneur, and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. His wife of 16 years, Marianne Gordon, is an American actress known for her supporting roles in films such as Rosemary’s Baby and Little Darlings.

Kenny Rogers ended it all in 1993, shelling out a nice $60 million to his ex-wife, Marianne Gordon. The reason? Their marriage had become unstable as a result of a sex scandal in which he set up a 1-800-number for intimate phone calls with other women. 

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Alec Wildenstein & Jocelyn Périsset

Jocelyn Wildenstein is an American socialite known for her extensive plastic surgery and extravagant lifestyle, often costing millions of dollars each year. Alec is a businessman known for being an art dealer and breeding horses. Their lavish relationship came to an end when Périsset walked in on her husband with another woman.

In response, Wildenstein threatened his wife with a gun and spent the night in jail. Sitting at more than $2.5 billion, their divorce took the most-expensive-divorce cake before Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Tuttle's split.

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Slash & Perla Farrar

Saul Hudson, known by his stage name Slash, is a musician, songwriter, and lead guitarist of the band Guns N’ Roses. He met his second wife, Perla Ferrar, in 2001 and actually divorced her twice! In the end, Slash filed the paperwork and cited "irreconcilable differences," which was due to her giving him an ultimatum—spend time fixing their marriage or end it.

The total costs to end the couple’s marriage was substantial—$6.6 million plus $100,000 per month for spousal support and $39,000 per month for child support.

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Michael Jordan & Juanita Vanoy

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players of all time. He also briefly played minor league baseball, wrote several books, and even starred in the popular 90s film Space Jam. Jordan and his ex-wife, Juanita, filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage only to stop the court proceedings and give their relationship another try.

Citing "irreconcilable differences," the couple filed for divorce again in 2006 and ended up spending $168 million on everything.

Frank McCourt & Jamie Luskin

Frank McCourt is an American businessman, owner of the Los Angeles Marathon, and former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. His ex-wife, Jamie Luskin, is the United States Ambassador to the French Republic and Principality of Monaco. Luskin was the highest-ranking woman in Major League Baseball when she was appointed Vice Chairman of the Dodgers in 2005 (when McCourt owned the team).

McCourt had been in hot water for stealing money from the Dodgers and accused his wife of cheating on him when she asked to be a more equal partner in the team. When he fired Luskin, she filed for divorce, cited "irreconcilable differences," and demanded half of everything. The couple was married for 32 years and had four children together before they spent $130 to get a divorce.

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Greg Norman & Laura Andrassy

Greg Norman is an Australian professional golfer and entrepreneur, famous for spending 331 weeks as the world’s highest ranked golfer in the 80s and 90s. Laura Andrassy, his ex-wife, was a flight attendant, and the pair had two children together.

Andrassy caught wind of rumors that Norman was cheating on her and decided to end their marriage. After 26 years, the couple called it quits, and Andrassy received a huge settlement of more than $100 million.

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Rupert Murdoch & Anna Mann

Keith Rupert Murdoch is an American media mogul known for his CEO and Chairman positions at 21st Century Fox. His ex-wife, Anna Mann, is a novelist and journalist with whom Murdoch had three children. Murdoch was named one of the richest people in the world due to his $13 billion dollar fortune.

After the couple’s $2.6 billion divorce, however, his pocketbook was a little lighter. The couple broke up because they couldn't get along after Mann discovered Murdoch was having an affair with his translator.

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Shannon & David Beador

Shannon Beador is an American television personality who gained fame for her role in The Real Housewives of Orange County. Her ex-husband, David Beador, is an Ameican entrepreneur and business owner who achieved fame because of Shannon’s role in reality television. After news about David's infidelity came out, Shannon was done with the relationship.

The couple was married for 17 years and went through a long, nasty court battle over custody of their three children. David ended up shelling out a massive $1.4 million to Shannon, with a combined total of $10,000 in monthly spousal and child support.

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Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphey

Neil Diamond is an iconic singer-songwriter, musician, and actor with 38 songs on the Billboard charts. The musician has been married three times, but the marriage that cost him the most was with Marcia Murphey. Murphey filed for divorce after rumors of Diamond's infidelity began circulating.

On paperwork, Murphey cited "irreconcilable differences." The couple was together for 25 years, had two children together, and it took more than $150 million to end it all.

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Boris Berezovsky & Galina Besharova

Boris Berezovsky is famous for being a Russian oligarch with substantial control over the country’s assets, as well as his role in putting Vladimir Putin in power. He met his second wife, Galina Besharova, in the early '90s, and the couple only spent a few years together before Galina moved out.

Boris didn’t acquire his wealth until after the couple was separated, and Galina got more than $100 million as a settlement when the pair finally divorced in 2010. Besharova's reason for filing was Berezovsky's "unreasonable behavior," which was probably a result of him being exiled from Russia and losing his political status. 

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Ted Danson & Cassandra Coates

Ted Danson is an American producer and actor that is known for being in sitcoms such as Cheers, Becker, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Danson was married to producer Cassandra Coates for 16 years. The couple had two children together, and Coates suffered a stroke during the birth of their first daughter.

Danson spent several years caring for her and then started a secret relationship with Whoopi Goldberg, which led to Danson’s divorce from Coates in 1993. The divorce cost Danson a substantial $30 million because of his infidelity.

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Pauline Chai & Dr. Khoo Kay Peng

Dr. Khoo Kay Peng is a Malaysian-Chinese businessman and is the chairman and major shareholder of Laura Ashley, a British textile design company. His ex-wife, Pauline Chai, was the winner of the Miss Malaysia beauty contest, of which she received national fame. The couple was highly influential and enjoyed almost 50 years of marriage, five children, and a comfortable life.

It all ended in 2017, however, and cost the millionaires $80 million to have everything finalized. Chai cited her husband's controlling, violent, and unreasonable behavior as the reason for wanting a divorce. 

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Johnny Carson & Joanna Holland

Johnny Carson was a television host, comedian, writer, and producer. Carson had a string of volatile marriages, the most costly of which was his third marriage to model Joanna Holland. Every relationship Carson had was ruined by his unending cheating.

The couple married in secret and divorced within ten years, ending with an 80-page settlement and a $20 million payout to Holland because of Carson's many affairs. 

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Michael Douglas & Diandra Luker

Michael Douglas is an actor and producer, famous for his roles in Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Douglas married Diandra Luker, who is 13 years his junior, in 1977 and the pair had one child together.

In 1995, Luker filed for divorce and cited "irreconcilable differences." This high-profile breakup cost the couple a hefty $45 million.

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Dr. Phil and Debbie Higgins

Dr. Phil met his former wife, editor Debbie Higgins, when they were both 20 years old. They were only married for three years—from 1970-1973. This was well before his fame as the Dr. Phil we know today, so the divorce settlement was around just $1 million (which is pocket change for him now, I'm sure, but probably caused a bit of stress back in the day). 

He remarried in 1976, and Debbie died in 2014 after a battle with cancer.

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