30 Most Memorable TV Shows of the 1970s

The 1970s were a glorious time, right? They were the decade to be alive and experience some of the most wonderful things in history. It was the decade the spawned the Sex Pistols, Saturday Night Fever, and the Ziggy Stardust tour with David freakin’ Bowie. With all these legendary moments, it’s hard to remember them all.

Even when things got busy, we could sit at home and watch some good television. The ‘70s had some incredible shows. Obviously, because Hollywood has been trying over and over to bring some of them back, but we all know there’s nothing like the original. The 1970s were known for taking genres that were created by classic TV and perfected them for their audiences. It wasn’t too hard for a show to break new ground socially, which really reflected the changing times. Some shows were even dedicated to specifically talking about social issues and things in the news through funny skits.

We’ve gathered together a list of the 30 most memorable 70s TV shows that we absolutely couldn’t forget. These TV shows are memorable for different reasons, but I think we can all agree that they’re absolutely amazing.

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