30 Most Unforgettable Red Carpet Looks of the 2010s

If you’re anything like me, your favorite season isn’t spring, summer, fall, or winter—it’s award season. And thankfully, it’s upon us. Whether it’s the Golden Globes or the Grammys, I’m invested. To appease my friends and family, I pretend to care about the nominations, snubs, and trophies, but really I’m only watching for one reason—the red carpet. Yes, I’m most concerned with who and what each celebrity is wearing. And yes, I will be the first to decide whether they should be on the “worst-dressed” or “best-dressed” list (like it’s any of my business).

As we enter a new decade, I feel it’s due time to reminisce on the most unforgettable red carpet looks of the 2010s. I’ve dug up my lists of who wore what to what award show so I can properly decide what red carpet ensembles deserve a spot on this list. May we all keep in mind that fashion has evolved drastically in the last 10 years. These are the celebs who nailed their looks—and who didn’t. Either way, we have yet to forget about them.

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