30 Movies That Should Have Won an Oscar

 A lot of people have had issues with movies or roles being snubbed at the Oscars. It happens at least once a decade (if not more), and it’s a shock every time.

Some people in the film industry have come out and stated that the Oscars are all about politics. Certain actors, actresses, and directors say that they refuse to pander to the Academy, so the Academy responds by not giving them an Oscar – supposedly. So far, no one has actually proved that this is the case.

The most obvious reason that some people don’t win is that it’s all about the popular vote. Oscars are given because thousands of people in the industry vote for who they think did the best. This means that a person could win because they may be liked more than the others that were nominated. Additionally, some of the votes may not even be sure if someone did a good job. For example, why would an actor vote on which sound engineer did the best?

Whatever the reason, some films don’t win when they should. We’ve all watched the Oscars and thought “There’s no way that film just won.” These are 30 movies that were definitely cheated out of their recognition.

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