30 Musicians From the '80s Still Making New Music

30 Musicians From the '80s Still Making New Music. Musical artists come and go. As bands form, break up, or get new members their sound changes. Sometimes an artist has a successful solo career, while other times they should have just stuck with their band. No one’s fame can last forever, but it can last a long time.

We’ve all had a favorite band or artist that stopped putting out music, even if it was only for a few years. It can be heartbreaking to see your icon drop off the map. Or maybe you didn’t discover your most-loved group until it was too late and they were already disbanded. It would be nice if the musicians we love the most could keep putting out number one hits our whole lives, but it doesn’t always work like that.

Sometimes, however, it does work like that. There have been bands and solo artists that have made legendary careers for themselves and were icons their whole lives. Superstars like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Jimi Hendrix, who enjoyed massive success right up until their untimely deaths, are just a few examples.

You don’t have to die young to enjoy that type of recognition, though. There are many musicians still alive who have had long careers and still put out new music or go on tour. We’ve put together a list of musicians who are still writing music and continue to rock out on stage for their fans—maybe your favorite artist or band is on this list! Keep reading to learn about 30 ‘80s musicians still making new music.

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