30 Overrated Classic Films Everyone Talks About

We’re about to spill the tea, get real, and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Over the years, someone has probably said, “OMG You have to see this movie. It’s a classic!” And you’re standing there with a smile on your face, nodding. Sure, okay. Whatever. You see the movie, and you’re massively disappointed. This happened recently, and so we began to wonder what really defined a “classic.”

Is it something that wins an Oscar? Is it a movie that people generally agree is good? That seems like flawed logic. Some movies are just horrible even if everyone says it’s one of the best movies ever made. Most of the time, you can ask them if they want to watch it, and they’ll probably tell you no for some odd reason.

Let’s get real for just a minute. The movies aren’t the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone talks about these movies and claims they’re the best part of cinematic history, but audiences are disappointed every day when they watch it. These are 30 movies that are way too overhyped and overrated.

It’s about time we stop trying to prop them up on a pedestal and let them be whatever they are – good or bad.

(Image via Unsplash)

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