30 Stories From the Bible That Require True Faith

The Bible isn’t known for its historical accuracy, and it’s absolutely full of wild events, fairytale creatures, and wacky people that do straight-up unbelievable things. Other than creating the whole universe in about a week, God did a lot of crazy things that don’t seem possible. Apparently, we’re supposed to just believe that an unseen, unheard, and unknown entity in the sky is an all-powerful being who can do things like get a virgin pregnant or resurrect the dead.

How often have you cracked open the Bible and read something you can’t exactly wrap your head around? Maybe the part about angels procreating with humans and leaving behind half-breed offspring called Nephilim didn’t sit well with you, either. For as much as the Bible is touted as the one-and-only go-to resource for how to get into Heaven, it contains a lot of unrealistic stories, creatures, and events.

It can be hard to accept everything that goes on in the Bible—it’s good to question “universal truths”—but it’s still advertised as being the whole truth. As the best-selling book of all time, it’s certainly entertaining. Who doesn’t like stories about brave heroes, evildoers, mystical creatures, and an underdog story? It has all the elements needed for a great adventure book, so the unbelievable things inside can be forgiven.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 of the most unrealistic things that happened in the Bible, but there are countless examples. Check out this collection of crazy events in the Bible that make it such an enjoyable read!

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