30 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Literally All of Us

Chrissy Teigen is hands-down the funniest celebrity in the social media game, and if you’re not following her, I honestly don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Between documenting her love for food and getting in fights with Twitter trolls, Chrissy keeps it real 24/7. In honor of Chrissy’s 30th birthday, here are 30 times she was just like us - but, you know, prettier, funnier, and more retweetable.

1. That time she gained a few holiday pounds.


We did it. @jenatkinlikethediet @mrmikerosenthal @johnlegend

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2. That time she barely made it through Thanksgiving.


3. That time she bought 50 donuts and had zero shame.


this is me proudly buying 50 donuts

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4. That time she just couldn’t even.


5. That time she fought McDonald’s BS policies for you.


6. That time she loved her curves and all her edges, all her perfect imperfections…


Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

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7. That time she showed the world exactly what her pregnancy cravings were.



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8. That time she loved pizza as much as all of us...


9. ...maybe even more than us.


10. That time she woke up like this.



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11. That time she showed us what true love really is.


12. That time she hated the VS Fashion Show as much as we all do.


13. That time she stood up for salads everywhere.


14. That time she worked really hard to get those Instagram shots. #dedicated


Hand model #georgecostanza

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15. That time she self-diagnosed and found her own cure.


16. That time she wasn’t afraid to ask Google for a little help.


17. That time her own legs turned against her.


my legs are assholes ?

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18. That time she had an embarrassing moment at the doctor’s office.


19. That time she just wanted to give up.


20. That time she doubted herself.


21. Literally every time she calls out the Twitter trolls.


"How dare you respond to my trolling" #twitter

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22. That time she pointed out the difference between “hypocritical” and ironic” like a boss.


23. That time she admitted just how lazy she is.


24. That time she had an eyelash malfunction.


25. That time she and John stayed in bed. All. Day.


26. No, like literally all day.


27. That time she let her haters know she hates them too.


28. That time she hit rock bottom.


I gotta say, it's better with a cracker

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29. That time she asked the important questions in life.


30. That time she aspired to be Kate Middleton (because same).


Ok, so she’s not always like us 100% of the time. Twerking with chicken on your perfectly toned butt is pure talent.


what's up chicken butt

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