30 Times WAGS Caused Some Serious Drama

We rely on athletes for entertainment and they rely on us for revenue. But as we obsess over NFL draft picks and NBA brackets, the athletes who play these sports morph into celebrities. We all have athletes that we idolize—so much so that we will gladly buy overpriced sporting tickets and pay $10+ for a single bottle of Bud Light at a game just so that we can see them in real life. I think we can all agree though that it’s easy to forget that these athletes have lives off of the field as well. Most of these men have wives or girlfriends who support their athletic endeavors and enjoy their excessive earnings. 

In 2015, E! TV network decided to recognize these women by creating a reality TV show titled: WAGS (wives and girlfriends of sportspersons). Since then, other reality shows have also shown interest in the wives and girlfriends of high-profile athletes. America has had the opportunity to see the (sometimes) trashy and (almost always) scandalous moments of their favorite WAGS. Here are 30 of our favorite disreputable incidents! 

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