30 TV Shows That Killed Main Characters

TV shows that kill main characters are brave. Most shows don’t choose to kill off one of their main characters because it would be tough to continue the show. Historically, replacing a character with another hasn’t led to great ratings. Writers, producers, directors, and network executives will do anything to hold onto that actor or actress that holds the lead role. They’ve become iconic to the series, and they’re the face of the show.

Well, some shows don’t feel the same way. They grin, smirk, and then write the death of a character that sends audiences reeling. Sometimes, we’re happy to see the character die while other times, we’re left aching from their death. They’re just fictional, but it hurts like we’ve lost something close to us.

The Walking Dead is a show that’s skilled in manipulating the audience to get upset about deaths – although we weren’t angry at all of them. We remember a few people that were happy when Lori finally got her send off.

A show can actually continue without its main characters, but it does take a little work and careful story planning. Some kill off the character at the very end while others do it at the end of the first season. We’re going to go over the list of shows that have killed one or more of their main characters. These shows were happy enough to do it, regardless of the consequences.

It goes without saying that this slideshow is a serious plot spoiler. If you’re worried about that sort of thing, may the odds be in your favor.  

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