30 TV Shows That Should Have Been Cancelled Sooner

There are some shows we never want to end. And others…not so much. Whether it’s because of ridiculous plot lines or tired characters, some shows just seriously know how to overstay their welcome. That’s not to say that they started bad—in fact, some of these on our list were amazing right out of the gate. But over time, it’s hard to keep up that momentum, and it can be real tricky for TV executives to know when to call it quits, especially since money is involved. And, unfortunately, these shows were definitely left out long after their expiration date! Here’s your look at some iconic television shows that should have been cancelled way sooner than they were!

The TV shows on this list are some of the most popular, critically acclaimed TV shows to date, but turns out too much of a good thing really can be bad. From shows everyone’s sick of, like Grey’s Anatomy, to shows with a good run but a horrible last season, like How I Met Your Mother, these are the 30 TV shows that really shouldn’t have lasted so long.

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