30 Wackiest New Words Added to the Dictionary

From things you had no idea had actual, official names, to new slang terms that seem to come out of nowhere, new strange words come to fruition every day.

You may think you know the meaning of some of these words, but that’s just because you haven’t heard the newest alternative definition. Or you may have been using a certain word all the time without even realizing/recognizing its wackiness. Some of these words might even apply to you! I bet we can all admit to having been noisome at some point or another in our lives.

Then, on the other hand, some of these words you may not have even known existed, or you may have thought “I made that up there’s no way that’s a real thing.” For example, apparently, I wasn’t alone in thinking that the air has a very specific smell before it rains or snows. There’s actually a word for that, and it’s on this list! Along with the name of that plastic thingie that is on the end of your shoelaces, a much fancier adjective for “pleather,” and a new adjective about being a scaredy cat that will make you sound like you know a thing or two about a thing or two (if you use it correctly, that is).

Just in case you ever doubted that there’s a word for everything, here are the 30 wackiest new words added to the dictionary.

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